Saturday, February 28, 2009

Super Star!

Do you remember that SNL skit? I so love that one! Ok...this new Hanna doesn't exactly look like the gal from the skit but I love that she's a 'super star'! :) Take a peek....

How fun is she! I had to add lots of bling for her. Hey, she's a Rock Star! I'm so excited for the release party on Monday. That should be lots of fun! :)

Be sure and check out the rest of the Hannah sneaks from the design team...Adela Rossol, Bethann Silaika, Bev Gerard, Candice Lighty, Cindy Haffner, Diana Gibbs, Frances Byrne, Ilina Crouse, Jeanne Streiff, Joycelyn Turner, Judy Workman, Kendra Wietstock, Kristi Ferro, Patti Stigsell, Sandra MacLean, Vicki Garrett ...and the other guest designer for March... Silke K. And for more fab news check out the Hanna Stamps website.

Hope you all have a great day! I will post you soon! :)


Silli said...

Jennifer, your card is so beautiful. Love teh colors...;-) The lady is so sweet... Great job! Hugs from Silke

StampinCathy said...

I love this card and of course you have to have bling for a ROCK STAR! Just like Pair Hilton. LOL Love this layout and colors.

Maria Levine said...

hey there!
So awesome that you are a gues designer for Hanna, I love the hanna's. Great job with this awesome new one.

Beate said...

If that is the superstar girl, she should be sniffing her hands. Now that...that would be funny. Or a stamp where she is down on one knee with her hands sticking up and the big old SUPERSTAR over her. LOL
CUTE card! Reminds me more of Idol season!
Congrats on teh guest designer slot! Because YOU are the superstar!
It was great chatting with you. Big cyber hugs, grins and happy dance!