Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Hip Hop Peeps!

Hope you are all enjoying a happy Thanksgiving....or day for all of my readers outside of the states. ;)....This is going to be a quickie post with an EPLS card for this weeks hop. I'm using one of my favorite Jillibean Soup stamps that Unity released this week....take a peek....

LOVE this! The sketch is from CPS. Thanks for stopping by. Be sure and head over to Pam's blog for the rest of the hop.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hip Hop

Ever have one of those days? You know the kind where it seems that everything is going wrong. I really hate days like that....I'm currently in a phase where that day seems to be lasting much longer than 24 hours, but that is another rant entirely! ;)

In the event that you are hopping here for more Unity goodness I am going to have to pass you all over to Pamela. We had a bit of a family crises here and I, unfortunately, don't have anything to share.

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Hope you all enjoy the rest of the hop and that you find yourselves in a much better place than I.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Christmas Daily, Etc.

Happy Hip HOP, Peeps! :)

This weeks Unity DT challenge is to create a Christmas daily journal. I'm going to be sharing mine with you in stages. I'll be back with more throughout this month, but today....the cover. I am using one of the Jillibean Soup Christmas kits from Unity Stamp, Co. for this one and more of the cute Jillibean Soup papers & embelli's. Take a peek.....

I can't wait to share the rest of this one with you & to fill this up with all of our memories leading up to Christmas.

One more. I made this little card using this months KOTM and more of the Jillibean Soup patterned paper. The sketch for the card is this weeks sketch over at CPS.

That's it for me this week. Now it's time to head over to Pamela's blog. Enjoy! :)

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hip Hop! :)

Happy hip, hop Thursday! :) Time for more Unity goodness! This week I have created a little something, something using the new Kit of the Month. This kit is sooooo amazing! I used this weeks CPS sketch for this one. Take a peek....

I love this kit. It's such a cutey! You can see the whole thing here. The CPS sketch can be found here.

Now head on over to sweet Pam's place.

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Hope you all enjoy the rest of the hop. :) I will post you soon!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flippity Flop

This week is such an exciting one over at Unity....have you seen the new Jillibean Soup stamps??? OMHeck are they ever SWEET! LOVE them! I've got a couple of samples following this weeks Ippity post. :)

First up for me a little something, something from Ippity. I really love this stamp kit. It's one of my favs! Take a peek....

I opted to create a 'thank you' card this week. This has been such a challenging time in our family. I'm really in need of MANY of these to hand out to my friends who are always there. The patterned paper for this one is from the new Christmas line at Jillibean Soup {you will notice a theme in a bit. ;)}

Now be sure and head over to Pamela's blog.

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....but first a bit more. I've got a couple of samples using the new Jillibean stamps that Unity released today. LOVE, love, LOVE these! They are soooo cute! I'm using more of the Christmas paper line as well for both of these......

& one more......

How stinkin cute are those papers! LOVE them and the stamps are adorable! The pins on the snowman card are also from Jillibean Soup. Soooo many things to love.

I'm off. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the hop & that you have a wonderful weekend.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thankful For....

Hey my stampin' Peeps! Hope you are all having a fantabulous hip HOP! I'm so in love with this weeks theme......Thankful. You find me at a time in my life when there is truly so very much to be thankful for. Many of my close friends will be raising their eyebrows right about now....sorry....go with can truly find blessings in even the most trying of times.

Here you find me so thankful for one more day with my beautiful mother. She is truly such an inspiration. more day of kissing booboo's, helping with homework, cleaning the boys bathrooms..... ;) you see where I am going with this?

I am so very thankful for all of the beautiful people in my life that are there for me in even the most trying of times. Some of those peeps are people you all know....Angela, Brookie, Kimber, Eryn, Michelle, ....I can keep on going. I am so very thankful for my 'family' within Unity. You have found them. You know how wonderful they are. I feel so blessed to have so many supportive, wonderful people in my corner in good times and in bad.

Guess that brings me to my creation for this week. Take a peek.....

I chose one of my favorite Unity sentiments....& Unity has so very many BEAUTIFUL sentiments to choose create this one. The sentiment is perfect for me right now because, as we all know, 'into each life a little rain must fall'. I'm so very thankful for my friends who keep me sane and are there for me in the good times & bad. I truly do not know what I would do without them.

Awe! that I have tears flowing let's keep this party hopping....I need to grab some kleenex! ;)

Hope you are all having a wonderful Thursday and even better hip HOP! ;) I will catch you all in the forum! :)



Unity Stamp Co stamps

Jillibean Soup patterned paper

Stampin' Up ribbon

PTI button


sewing machine

brown ink

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hip Hop {Lost}

...well, I feel sort of lost anyway! ;)

Hey all you Unity Peeps! It's been quite a while since I've joined you for all of the hip Hop fun but I'm happy to be back in the mix! :) What a fun week to be popping back in....Halloween funtastic time! You know how much I love Halloween so this weeks project was such a fun one to create as everyone is working on a little somethin', somethin' for this Halloween season. I opted to create a little door hanger using one of the cutest sets evah from Ippity. Take a peek......

Confession time....I cannot remember much about the specifics of this one except for the Ippity stamps and the Flower Soft to the letters. Ack! You should see my stamp room it's a complete least it was when I started this project. I did work quite late into the night trying to get things back in order. {I have a stack of photos that need scrapbooking and there is no way that will get started with things looking the way the did!}

If it helps, I think the paper is Making Memories. I'm guessing someone can jump in and correct that if I am wrong. Sorry, I'm a bit rusty at this. ;) The ribbon and accent purple paper is from PTI.

Here's a couple of close ups..... more.....

That's it for me. It's been great fun my first week back and I look forward to sharing many more Unity projects with all of you. Hope you enjoy the rest of the hop! :)

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*****Just in case I goofed the has been a while... ;) ...please head on over to Pamela Youngs site.... :) Enjoy!

Have a good one!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blogs 4 Boobies Bounce

Welcome to the 1st annual "Blogs 4 boobies" blog bounce(hop)!

This is day is the second day! Be sure to go to Skipping Stones Design and check out Sept 15th's posting for more cards/projects and fun!

We are so glad that you joined us today. I have joined up with Skipping Stones Design to help raise money to fight the war against Breast Cancer. SSD is celebrating the release of 2 ALL NEW Stamp sets. They are also donating $2 for EVERY stamp set sold this week to the cause!!! This is a very special hop because every card/project that is show here in the "blogs 4 boobies" blog bounce is up for auction! All of the money raised through the silent auction, on our blogs, will be donated to the Susan G. Komen foundation.

There are 3 ways that you can help, and join in on the fun!

1. You can help by Going shopping!
For every stamp set that you purchase during Sept 15th through the 23rd SSD will donate $2 to the Komen Foundation. Stamping and shopping that you can feel good about ! Skipping Stones Design is celebrating "blogs 4 boobies" with the release of two new stamp sets!!! Click here to check out SSD stamps

Here is your first look at Bras volume #2 4"X6"

Bras volume#2 is the follow-up to our #1 selling stamp set Bras Volume #1. These stamps make the perfect "anytime" funny cards for you girlfriends. Or Use them for funny birthday, thank you,and cheer up cards. This stamp set turns carmakers into comedians!

Here is Wise Men 4X6

Several stunning images can be combined, to re-create the scene of the first Christmas. The pointillism technique used to illustrate these stamps gives the images extra depth. These stamps will help you make inspirational cards that will be treasured for years to come.

2. You can help by *Biding!
Another way you can help us raise money for the Komen Foundation is to *bid on a project or card along the blog bounce(hop). YES! EVERY Single card/project along the blogs for boobies bounce is up for auction. We recommend a starting bid of $5 or more. Your *Bid not only includes the card or project but shipping to your home as well. Please Note IF you want to bid and live outside the U.S. we would request that you pay the difference of shipping charges between where you live and what it would cost to ship within the US. * See how to place a bid for more detailed instructions.

If you are the highest bidder September 23rd 8:00 p.m. mountain time then you WIN the card/project that you bid on.

You are here at my blog
You should have come to me from my sweet friend Amy's blog
*****Next you are going to visit Amy Tsuruta 's blog

If you loose your way along the hop, or just happened upon my blog today and want to start from the beginning click here. Or go to SSD's home page for the entire Blog bounce list. Have fun bouncing from blog to blog. Enjoy all the designs, and make a bid or two! This is a rare opportunity to take home a card/project from your favorite designer, and fight the war against breast cancer!!!

3. You can help by Telling Your Friends~
Help us spread the word about "blogs 4 boobies" the more people that know, the more moeny we can raise!!!

*"How to place a bid on my card/project"
Step #1
Find the comment section of the blog that shows the "Blogs 4 boobies" card or project that you want to buy. *Please note you may only bid on the card/project shown in the specific "blogs 4 boobies" post. *Any bids not placed on the correct post will be considered invalid.
Step #2
Once you are in the "blogs 4 boobies" comment section fill in the dollar and cents amount of what you are willing to pay for the card/project. We recommend a starting bid of $5 or more. Remember your bid includes shipping as well as the card/or project. 100% of the money your bid will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation
Step #3
Next to your $ bid please type in your email address. During a silent auction bidders sign their name next to their bid. typing your email address is the electronic equivalent of signing your bid. Also it will help the blogger contact you if you are the highest bidder.
Step #4
Watch and wait.
Once you have entered your bid/comment sit back and wait. If someone out bids you then you may bid again. Bidding will continue until 8:00 p.m. Mountain time September 23rd

* Please note that the participating stampers/bloggers will probably re-post their Blogs 4 Boobies card/project on the 23rdof September. When the blogger re-post their project then the bidding will continue on the NEWEST post and that comment section.

"What do I do once I place a bid"
Watch and Wait
The "Winner of the Auction" Will be the highest bid (that includes an email address)in the comment section of the MOST RECENT blogs 4 boobies post at the end of the silent auction. Please note that ALL cards/projects WILL BE REPOSTED on the 23rd of September. The silent auction will end at 8:00 p.m. Mountain Time on September 23rd .

Things to keep in mind:
Near the end of the bidding you may not see bids as they come in. Most blog have a comment feature where the blogger must approve comments before they are published. So bid high. You might have the highest bid that is published, but someone might have outbid you in an unpublished comment/bid.
The blogger/designer will declare who has won the silent auction. Skipping Stones Design will send you an invoice for your donation/bid ammount. Please pay that invoice as soon as possible, so the designer can get your card/project in the mail to you.

It just wouldn't be a Skipping Stones Design event without a sketch from an amazing designer. This month we are delignted to have Ashley Cannon Newell as our guest sketch artist. Here is her sketch SSD 042:

Click here to play along and win prizes at SSD's blog!

Here's my little card for todays bounce.....

Thanks so much for participating today. I know that so many of us are affected in one way or another with this terrible disease. It's such a great feeling to be able to get together to raise money to help find a cure.

Big hugs to you all,

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Unity Thursday

It's Unity Thursday and that means it's time for another fun hip hop. I've got a little something using the new July KOTM. LOVE this kit. It's one of my favs so far. Here's my little card.....

The paper for this one is from My Minds Eye. The ribbon & button are from PTI. Forgive the picture. I'm visiting my mom and left town without my camera cord so took this one with my cell phone. Nice. ;) Hey, what are you going to do.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Unity Thursday

Hey Everyone! I'm so happy to be back today with a bit more Unity love. :) Have you seen this months KOTM? If not, be sure and head on over to the Unity site. It's such an AMAZING kit! :) I've got another little somethin', somethin' for you this week with this kit. Take a peek.....

The sketch for this one is from this weeks CPS sketch. You can check that out at the CPS blog. The paper is from Jillibean Soup...{you know I love Jillibean Soup! CUTE!}

Now it's time to head to Natalie's blog. :) Hope you all enjoy the rest of the hop! :) Post you soon!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Unity Thursday!

hip HOP! :) Hope you are all enjoying this hip hop day! I'm so excited to share a little something with the new KOTM. Take a peek.....

I was so excited to see this sentiment in the kit. There are so many great projects that I will be able to create with it. I opted to use this weeks CPS sketch for my card. You can view the sketch at the CPS blog. You can also see more of this KOTM at the Unity site as well as sooo many other adorable stamps.

Thanks for stopping over! Be sure and head to Natalie's blog.

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Have a good one. :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

You Make Me Smile

Hey Peeps! Me again! I'm back with a new one from Unity. OMHeck! many new stamps and they are CA-UTE! You can view all of the new goodies over at the Unity site. There is so much amazing eye candy there!

I used one of the new Samantha Walker kits for this weeks hop. I really love this one. The set is Retro Road Trip. I'm going to be taking a little road trip of my own pretty soon and cannot wait to do some layouts with it. For today I opted for a card. Take a peek....

The paper for this one is from one of my favorite Jillibean Soup lines. This one is called Old World Cabbage Stew.

Now head on over to the sweet Natalie's blog for more. Hope you all have a hip hop day! :)

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

More From Unity

Hey Everyone! :) I hope you are all doing well and enjoying this weeks hip hop. :) I'm using one of the new Donna Downey stamps {view the entire set here at Unity} for my card this week along with this weeks CPS sketch. Take a peek.....

The paper for this one is Jillibean Soup. This is truly one of my favorite lines of paper EVER! ...and the red print with the flowers is adorable! I added a little hardware piece from Tim Holtz as well.

Now head on over to Natalie's blog to continue on with this weeks hop....

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I hope you are all enjoying your summer. At the time you all read this I will be squished into an MRI tube somewhere in Indy praying to be able to get the kinks out once I'm free. Two hours in one position really makes for a sore neck! ;) It's time to re-test and topping that off with everything else going on in our family things have been beyond hectic. I will keep you all posted but it may be a little bit before I have any results to share. Thank you all for your kind words and support. You are all so AMAZING and wonderful! I am truly so touched by each of you. :)

Enjoy your day and I will post you soon! :)

Big hugs!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Love the Flowers

Happy hip Hop Thursday! I'm here with a little card further inspired by my Wendy Vecchi class. One of the things that I learned how to do from the Oh so talented Wendy {you know she's my BFF....just sayin'..... ;)....} is creating these CUTE paper flowers. LOVE the flowers...they are fab! This week I am combining one of my favorite sentiments from the current Unity KOTM with this weeks CPS sketch and a few of these fun flowers. Take a peek...

The paper for this card is from My Minds Eye. I made the flowers using one of the pieces of patterned paper and the Time Holtz Alterations Tatered Florals die....more to come on that later.

Now head on over to Natalie's amazing blog....

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Hope you all enjoy the rest of the hop and have a wonderful day! I will post you soon! :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

CPS & The Stamps of Life

I've got one more for you.....and a quick side note.... As I am typing this The Blackeyed Peas are playing in the background. The song is 'I've Got A Feeling'. My youngest two sons are here and we are all singing along....Yeah, be thankful this blog doesn't offer sound.....but the cutest thing, Hayden just started singing 'I got my DS' in Nintendo DS instead of 'I got my money'....if you've ever heard the song I've just probably ruined it for you. But for me I will always sing 'I got my DS'. So funny. ;)

Anyway, back to the stamping. ;) Today I've got a little something for this weeks CPS sketch along with one of the new ones from The Stamps of Life {LOVELOVELOVE everything that is TSOL!} Take a peek.....

The papers for this one are from My Minds Eye, the Lush line which I am so very much in love with. They are, well, Lush! ;) The colors are so beautiful and the paper is thick and the embossing is AMAZING...perfect!

You can check out the sketch {which I flipped} at the CPS blog and the entire stamp set at TSOL site.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you all have a wonderful day! :) Post you soon!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hip Hop {Grunge Style}

Happy Hip Hop Peeps! I'm back with a quick one for you this week with a style combo....grunge and Clean & Simple. ???? Really! I think it goes quite well together and I was inspired by the oh so talented and SOOOOOOOOOOO sweet Wendy Vecchi herself! Ack! I had the pleasure of taking a class this weekend over at one of my local stores that Wendy was teaching. How much fun is that! Daisy {Eclectic Paperie} was there and {Bad} Sherry herself! Take a peek.....

Yeah, we are BFF's now. Honestly! ;) She is truly one of the most AMAZING gals you could ever have the pleasure of meeting and just so incredibly talented. I had so much fun learning new stuff during the class. And Sherry and Daisy! Love them both! I hate that I only see everyone at things like this. How fun it would be for all of us to live closer. In a perfect world.

Ok...on to today's hop. I'm trying to channel a bit of Wendy for todays post. It's actually sort of a Wendy/Jen combo. I pulled out my grunge paper, inks, Unity KOTM....and kraft card stock {of course}. Here's the result......

How many ways do I love this image! LOVE it! I used Ranger Inks to color {sponge} it in and did some popping up of different pieces. Add a bit of stitching, ribbon, and some distress stickles.....

How awesome are the distress stickles! I love the look on the wings.

That's it for me this week. Now it's time to head over to Natalie's blog....

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Hope you enjoy! I will post you all soon! Have a good one!