Friday, February 29, 2008

RAK From Lorraine

I so love surprises...ok...time to clarify...not like the fridge is broken surprises but nice happy ones!....just thought I would throw that out there!...after this's not such a bad idea! :)

...back to my really nice surprise! I received this beautiful card from Lorraine aka @ SCS as Tavias Charms and you can view her gallery here.

Thanks so much, Lorraine! This was such a wonderful surprise! And thank you so very much for your kind words! You are such a sweetie!

Isn't this the cutest!

...And now it's off to work on Sharon's Stamp Simply challenge. Have you guys checked it out yet? You get to make a purse! could just use purse images on your project...but...How cool is that! I am really excited about this one! You know, I have never made a purse before. I've seen lots of 'em....and they are always adorable! Part of the reason I am so psyched about this is that this is one of the things I put in my little sketch book yesterday! It's kismet! How cool is that! I have this ginormous purse that I never carry...I always overload the thing and then it just gets wayyy to heavy....but I thought it would make for a really cute paper purse. Well, we shall soon see!

Hope you are all having a great Friday and I will post you all soon! :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shaking Off The Dust

Wowza! I can't believe how long it's been since I've sat in this chair! ...the cushion felt so fluffy when I sat down! It was no longer mashed with my imprint! ;)

I've been taking care of one or the other of my boys for the last few weeks as they've battled this flu thing. Now I understand why they would seem fine one minute and then completely crash the next! After the fridge repairman left more thing to add to a beautiful week! ;)...I was thinking I was actually going to come downstairs and do some stamping...I came down the stairs, sat on the couch for a minute to look through my paper...and realized that I needed desperately to sleep! It just sort of hits you like a ton of bricks.

Today is a much better day. My appetite is coming back...wooohooo...I love food to much to be missing any meals!

....Ok....speaking of...I'm not sure if any of you are interested but I am going to share a recipe! Do any of you love chicken and dumplings? I sooo love them! Now, this recipe is not for my homemade that, I mean everything from scratch...if you want that I will be happy to forward it...although, please keep in mind I cook like I stamp! A little of this, a little of that...not necessarily any measuring of anything....but's good!...the recipe that is! :) This is a version I got out of my Southern Living so many years ago I can't even remember. So long ago, that at one point when I thought I lost the recipe and tried to search it on the website, it was gone! Talk about a panic!

This is the perfect recipe when you are in a pinch....or not feeling well!...or maybe you just don't like to cook that much. It is truly EPLS!

Here goes....As if this is what you came here for! :)

1.) 4 cups water
2.) 3 cups chopped cooked chicken...I usually buy the rotisserie's so simple!
3.) 2 (10 3/4 oz) cans cream of chicken soup, undiluted
4.) 2 tsps chicken bouillion granules
5.) 1 tsp seasoned pepper
6.) 1 (7.5 oz) refrigerated buttermilk biscuits

Bring the first 5 ingredients to a boil in a dutch oven over med-high heat, stirring often. Separate biscuits in half, forming 2 rounds; cut each round in half. Drop biscuit pieces, 1 at a time, into boiling mixture, stir gently. Cover, reduce heat to low, and simmer, stirring occasionally, 15-20 minutes.

...can't get much easier than that! Hope you don't mind...not sure...maybe I'm suffering from withdrawal from not posting you guys for what seems like I just keep on, um...typing! :)

Now on to the card! This I will admit is also EPLS! I just got a new Papertreyink set and thought I would use it. Here's a quick one I came up with.....

That's what I've got so far....

Cool thing....the kindy pickup line worked in my favor today! Hayden didn't want to nap so I put him in the car early which gave me a ton of time there today! I have about 7 new drawings in my sketch book that I can't wait to start! I will be posting them as I finish them. Sooo excited! I am hoping that I am all caught up tomorrow so that I can begin.

Bummer...I never got a chance to do most of last weeks challenges. You know I have a hard time with that! I always feel like I want to go back and do them later but by then the new weeks are out! It's really hard to just move forward sometimes! Tomorrow is Friday...there will be lots of new ones out then! A whole new reason why being sick really stinks! I've missed a ton of stamping time! ;)

I hope you are all having a great week. I can't believe it's almost over. I look forward to posting you all more really soon!

Take care and have a wonderful night!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Quick update & Meg's Card

We've been battling the...flu? for the last couple of weeks. First, Evan...then Carter...Hayden even got me. I started feeling really bad Sunday and before Monday morning it was all over! I am finally feeling somewhat normal! Finally!

Well, I haven't really stamped much of anything in three days now...feels a little strange not to have ink on my fingers! So today I will share another card swap card....hopefully I will catch up around the house tomorrow and be able to get a little stamping in then. that I am feeling better I am suffering withdrawals! ...12 steps...I don't know...probably not a bad idea...but I am so not ready for that! ;) ...just give me my stamps! aaahhh! ;)

Here's a fantabulous card from my sweet friend Meg. You can always count on Meg to step it up. She didn't let us down this time. Meg used the shaving cream technique on her egg. How cute is that!

...I was hoping that I might have the energy to stamp a little something...just not going to happen tonight. I am making progress. I grabbed the computer and brought it upstairs. I will spend the evening catching up on all of y'alls stuff. It's been a few days since I've been able to do that.

On the plus side of all of husband is due home any moment. He's been gone for the last couple of weeks. Wouldn't you know that would be when everyone gets sick! ;)

I hope you are all doing well...and that you are all staying well! Take care and I will post you soon! :)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

EPLS! Taylor's Challenge

I was really excited to participate in Taylor's cupcake challenge this week. For this one, you weren't supposed to use stamps. You are supposed to use an embellishment of some sort....these I have a plenty!...seriously...they are coming out of my ears! I really have a problem with buying these things only to sit in a drawer! The longest part of this challenge was deciding which one to use! Once that decision was made...the rest was EPLS...that's easy peasy lemon squeezy in the Buck house.

So here's what I came up with....

I need a baby card....and I still have a ton of these little pacy's...sassy's as Carter called them when he was here it is. Thanks, Taylor for a fun challenge. This was awesome!

Hope you are all doing well. I am still not able to get onto SCS...I currently feel like I am stalking SCS and all of you that have SCS blogs! I keep checking and checking and checking and.... get the picture.

I will post you all soon! Take care! :)

Lisa's Card Swap Card

I wanted to share another card swap card. This one is from another great friend of mine, Lisa....ok...Lisa's blog I can actually link! I am on day number 2 of not being able to get onto SCS or any SCS blog for that matter! How very frustrating is this! Lisa's blog has tons of great pictures. She's such a fantabulous well as a great card maker!

I am going to try and post a few more of these today as well as hopefully have something of my own to post. I think Carter is feeling a little better. He fell asleep last night at 5PM! Hayden seems a little better although he woke up at 5AM! Evan feels great! ...I, well, not sure how I am feeling...trying to tell myself I feel great...but in all honesty...that's just not the truth! uhgh!

Post you all soon! ...have a great morning! :)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Card Swap Card From Bobbi

I can't believe I haven't started sharing these with you guys yet! We had our card swap Monday night...and what beautiful cards I have to share! The first one I am going to show you is from one of my dear friends, Bobbi. Her cards are always super cute!

...I will first share that Bobbi is the reason I had to get myself some prismas. She uses them often and her images are always just stunning!

Ok...time to see for yourself....If you would like to see more of Bobbi's beautiful cards you can find them here.

...ok...will come back later to add that anyone else having trouble connecting to SCS? I have been unable to do so all morning! Very frustrating! I was wondering if it was just me.

Thanks for stopping by. I am off to get a few things done around here and then down stairs to hopefully get some stamping done.

Post you all soon! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bellatastic for Sharon's Challenge

I so love the Bellas! Do you all see that I have a problem! So many stamps so little time! There really ought to be a twelve step program! The problem is...I DON'T want help! :)

...ooookkk...moving on....

Finally I am finishing Sharon's Stamp Simply Challenge. I really love participating in these every week. Sharon's always gets me thinking as simple is really hard! ;) Thanks for that, Sharon! Here's my card...

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you are all having a great evening! I think I am going to stamp some more! I do have a problem! ;) I always say...there are worse addictions! :)

Post you soon!

Baskets of Happiness

I was so excited that my new GinaK stamps arrived today! I have a couple already and am in so much love with all of them! They are so much fun! I think this basket of flowers from the Basket of Happiness set is the cutest! I love it. When I got my carousel notes from SU I new I had to have this stamp. Of course...I couldn't just use the notes as is! ...I have such issues!

Here's what I did.... you untie the ribbon and open the 'card/envelope to find this....

The little note card slips into the envelope and the whole thing ties closed...yes, it works just as easily with the scallop note slipping in the envelope...hey, I really wanted the stamp to show! I was thinking this would make a great little something to slip to friends. I love the rub-ons. This is from the Love Birds set. The outer circle of the front has the definition of friend. I've got quite a few people that I could give this to! I need many more rubons! ;)

Hope you are all doing well. I am off to play with Evan for a little while. I've spent so much time taking care of the sick ones I think he needs a little one on one before bed. I will come back to stamp after that. Hopefully I will finish my card for Sharon's challenge...and hopefully have something else to share!

Take care and I will post you soon! :)

Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge...

...yes, here it day before Beate's next weekend sketch challenge #35! ;) Better late than never is my new motto! :) I really loved this sketch and thought of this immediately! When that happens I know I have to give it a go. Here's what I came up with....
When you open the door it looks like this....

Thank goodness for these little magnets I bought sometime ago...they worked perfectly on this card.

I needed a card for a new neighbor so this worked out perfectly! Hopefully today I will be able to drop this off at some point! Who knows how that will go....I've got another sick one at home today....round three! I am so hoping this is where it ends! ....yuck, yuck, yuck!

I am off to make a little lunch...hoping I don't see it a second time! Sorry....hope you aren't reading this before your own lunch! Take care. I am hoping to get a couple more cards finished and posted sometime today...who knows how that will go!

Post you soon! :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jen's Sketch

I used my prismas! They are so much fun! Yes, I need tons of practice...but hey, there's tons of time for that! These things are so much fun! Here's what I came up with. This is supposed to be for Jen del Muro's sketch. I did shrink my card as I wanted the flower to work with the sentiment...hope this counts....Loving the prismas! They are sooo much fun...wait...I said that already! ;)

Hope you are all having a wonderful day...I am off to do a little more stamping! I am having a stamp fest today! ;) I told the boys that when they got home from school they could either play in the snow or do a craft....I will be stamping...wooohooo...haven't been able to do that for quite some time!

Post you soon! :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday...ChaChaCha

A whole year older! How exciting is that! ...

...Ok...I can promise you one thing...this will be a really short post as I hacked into my finger today while cutting an onion...happy birthday?

Other than the pain and gore it's been a birthday for the record books! ...fortunately most of it good! I've been puked on, cut my finger, time for taxes....that's the not so good stuff... hey, every day has something...

ok...remember this one....

This brings me to one of the fun parts of my birthday...I so love this Bella! Well last night my friends surprised me with a little birthday friends are sooooo awesome!...and again with the surprise and I had noo idea! head must really be buried in cards! ;) That makes twice in just a few days!...anyway, they brought me this bella-tastic birthday cake!......
How stinkin cute is this! Oh my!!!!!! You know I didn't want to cut the bella! ...I cut all around her! The cake is delicious! It's one of my almond pound cake with chocolate truffle filling. Doesn't that sound decadent?! Yum, yum, yum!

I haven't had a chance to take a picture of all of my 'yummy' new cards from swap! I will take those pictures tomorrow when the sun comes out....that really does make a huge difference! Here is my card...Simple, simple, EPLS....

I also had the pleasure of attempting to open a few very well wrapped presents from my boys. They wanted to surprise me and since they couldn't find the wrapping tape they used packing tape! They did a GREAT job! :) All in all a great birthday!

Well, by short post...well, relatively speaking! Before I go, I just wanted to thank each of you for your sweet birthday wishes. I really have the most awesome online stamping friends as well. You guys are so wonderful and I can't tell you how much I really appreciate each and every one of you. You are constantly making my day!

I hope you are all having a great one! I am going to try and do a little stamping...this should be interesting! My new birthday present was some prismas...I've never used these before...I have been so excited all day to give them a try...I found the tutorial on Gina K's blog. I've been waiting all day to use these puppies...I'm hoping my finger doesn't get in the way.

Take care...if I come up with anything fab and I can find enough light to take the picture and post it I will give it a go. Probably without much finger is throbbing a little tiny bit....wawawa! :)

Post you soon!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sketches, Sketches....Too Many Sketches! :)

Ohmygoodness! I am on overload tonight! a good way! :)

I am really behind in my work. I still need to finish up some projects as well as finish up my card swap cards and cut out all of my stuff for my stamp class tomorrow night. ...and what am I doing? ...y'alls sketches! :)

Totally kidding...I love your sketches! I just have a really hard time getting my priorities straight tonight! ;)

There are so many sketches this weekend...and I am still behind from last weeks! You've got Beate's, Sharon's, Jen's, and Taylor's. Then while going through my blog roll I found even more! Terrie linkes you to Claudia's...not a sketch but a fun challenge with blog candy....Kristen has one....ok...I have one...wink, wink...and then I get to Julie's blog and she has one to!

Where to begin! This is always a problem for me. While rocking Hayden to sleep, I was trying to get really creative with my own as I actually will be swapping it tomorrow night!....the 'thinking chair' strikes again! er, um...unfortunately not for my own swap! I had, what I hoped would be a great idea for Julie's....and here it is....

Yes, it's a simple one...who knows...once I've 'slept' on it I may wish I had changed something...somtimes I just don't give myself a chance for that! I hope you all like this one...I thought it was a really fun sketch and a fun card. ...and I do wish I 'had a bit more light to take the's late!...and I am really impatient today! May tweak the glitter and this light it doesn't even look like it matches! uh!

Take care...I really am off to finish my 'chores'! :)

Quick One For My Workshop

Ok...if you are coming on Monday and don't want to be spoiled you should close this window now! :)

For my next stamp class we are learning how to make ATC cards which will end up being our next card swap. How fun! Well what a great coincidence that Taylor's weekly cupcake challenge involves ATC cards!! Yeahhhhh! Perfect for someone like me who is currently really short on time and wanting to finish everything! know I still have her challenge from last week to work on! Where is my time going!

The sad thing is that nothing is really speaking to me. Then I came across this package of paper, Spring Silhouettes. I'm not sure what really possessed me to buy this. It's pretty but it's not the norm for me. Soft Sky is a fav of mine but the paper is really romantic and while I am a huge fan of romance the paper just didn't seem to fit me. ...and then I saw this sheet and totally fell in love!

Enough of my blabbering! ....I'm trying to fill up enough space so that if anyone from my class checks this out early they will be able to close the window before the surprise is ruined! Hey, some of them really like surprises! Can't stand them myself!

...except for Friday, let me just tell you all how awesome my friends are! My birthday is Tuesday. You may remember that I was telling you about taking a friend to dinner Friday as she is moving soon. Well, the whole thing was a ruse to get me out for my birthday! How sweet is that! I never even guessed what was up! Yeah, I am a bit slow! We had an awesome time...although, we didn't get back until late which is part of the reason I didn't stamp Friday night.

...that should do's the card....

What's with my re-newed interest in the gingham ribbon?! This is the second card in about a week that I used it pretty much the same way...yes, this isn't exactly jumping out of the box...but it needed to be quick and all SU.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I am off to work on something for card swap tomorrow night....nothing like waiting until the last minute! I promise I have been doing lots of stamping...there is a permanent impression of my backside on this chair for sure! I will share all that I have been working on as soon as possible.

Take care and I will post you all soon!

AAAAHHHHH....almost forgot....there is a tutorial for this at SCS that Jen del Muro so graciously posted. But for this tutorial I would never have even known about these things! :)

Friday, February 15, 2008

I've Got Some Verve! :)

If I'm late that is! :)'s a good thing I crack myself up! :) while doing the laundry today I found this really cute blankey of Hayden' had inspired this card last week while doing the laundry and of course I didn't write it in my little book...the book was in the basement - I was upstairs...I just didn't have the energy and I knew I wouldn't forget! Ha! What a laugh that is! If I don't write it down, I've got problems!

Anyway, there I was doing the laundry yet again only to come across the same blankey and it was a 'V8' moment. So I rushed downstairs to throw this together. Tonight is a girls night and I really need to get a few things done before....

So here's the card....

...well, I sort of 'girlified' it...his blankey does not have a girl puppy on it...but I really wanted to use the flowers. Love the felt flowers!

That's all for now. Depending on how things go this evening, I might actually come home and stamp...the gals that I am going to dinner with are laughing at that sentence by the way! We are going to be taking Angie out tonight...she's my friend that is moving in just a couple of weeks. What a bummer! Who knows when we will make it home...and by that I mean from a mom standpoint...keep in mind that for me 10 is REALLY late! I don't get out much!

Thanks for stopping by and I will post you all soon! ...and yeahhhhh!!!! it's the weekend!!!! Time for more challenges! I am sooooo excited!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another Verve Visual Entry

Here's one more for the Verve Visual contest. I had a really hard time taking this picture because of all the silver. I will take it again with a little natural light in the morning and see if I can get this any better. It's so shiny in person. I love that!...especially since the sentiment says 'your time to shine'! What an awesome couple of stamp sets! I love them both!

Here it is...

I hope y'all like this one. I am off to play with the boys a little before I send them to bed and then, if all goes well, a little more stamping!

Take care and I will talk to you all soon! :)

Valentines For The Boys Classes

Nothing like waiting until the last minute! ;) While doing a quick Target run yesterday, I realized that tomorrow (today now!) was Valentines Day. Yeah, yeah, how can I forget something like that!? Anyway, wouldn't you know that when I finally made my way back to the holiday section of the store they literally had one box of boy Valentines left! This I desperately needed as you can't send any food in to the kids in Carter's of the kids has a peanut allergy. So Carter got the Spiderman Valentines and he attached them to the playdough containers that we got to go with them.

Evan wanted something with candy...who can blame him! He knows there is always some left over...heck, I wanted to make something with candy as well just for that very reason! Thank you Beate! I used her pull treat pouch for all of these. Evan picked the colors...he did a mighty fine job! ;) and the's the final product....

After these, I made one for Carter's teacher. He was already asleep so I got to pick the colors....

So that's how I spent Wednesday night. Today I am working on one more Verve card, another Gina card, and a tutorial of my crabby pail...sorry that one has taken so long....I think I will send it in to SU...I always forget to do that!...and I am going to try and change the shovel and make it hold candy as well...I'm really craving the chocolate!...that will give me a great excuse to buy some M&M's! you really need an excuse for that!, and I need to finish...and by finish I mean gift for Angie.

Gotta run. I will post you all soon!

Take care! :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sharon Johnson's Challenge

This, um, last weeks Stamp Simply challenge from Sharon, I'm really late!...was to create a card using something that you bake with. You could use cakes, cookies, cows!...anything you cook. How about cherries?

What stinks about this...somehow while placing my SU preorder, I forgot to order the stamp that actually goes with this paper. What a drag! On the other hand, that sort of keeps me in line with
the whole 'simply' part of the theme. But there's not much stampin' goin' on for this one! ;)

I do love this paper...and I will be really honest with you, I didn't think I would like it. It's soo super cute in person! When I saw it in the mini I wasn't so sure. Now I want another pack! Cute! The rub ons are awesome as well...and the main part of this card!

Again...simple, simple, simple! Just a quick little something.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you are all doing well and that you've had a wonderful day! I look forward to posting more tomorrow!

Take care! :)

Beate's Pull Out Treat Pouch

Tonight is our PTO meeting. Since Nancy is out of town I will be running this one....a first for me. We got together last week before she left town to go over everything and she dropped off the door prizes which she left for me to wrap. Woohooo! You know this will be the highlight of the evening for me!

One of the gifts, a magnetic notepad, I wrapped using Beate's tutorial on SCS for a pull treat pouch. One quick thing...the wrapping paper is from the SU holiday mini. The funny thing about this paper is that when I saw it at Christmas I totally did not think it looked especially Christmas'y' I think it looks too Chirstmas'y'....go figure! Another thing...I didn't stray far from Beate's original...ok...this is almost an exact copy! Hey, I was in a rush and why mess with a great thing! ;) Anyway, here they are....

The shamrock is a mascot thing....have you ever heard of such! Go 'rocks!? Whatever.... Anyway, this is you think the lucky recipient will be offended if I ask them for it back!? Just kidding! ;) I have now changed my mind on Evan's class Valentine for about the 5,000th time! I am sooooo mass producing these!

....Beate! You rock!!!!!! These are awesome! I sooo love them. Thanks for all you do!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I am off to finish up a few things before tonight. Hope you are all having a wonderful day!

Take care! :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Verve Visual Challenge more. Here's one of my cards for the Verve Visuals Sketch Challenge. I so love this stamp set! Here's the card...

Hope it's ok to flip the sketch!

...and off to bed?....I am soooo tired and my head is starting to hurt again! I think it's time to call it a night! But I haven't even played with my new stuff yet! Not sure if I will be able to sleep! ;)

Talk to you all soon! Take care! :)

Quick One...

Well, we are officially sick! At least some strange bug has decided to take up residence in our home. Evan went to school today but then came home and promptly tossed his cookies. I have had the worst headache again....not tossing anything...thankfully...and not sure if it's possible but the toffee chocolate does seem to be making me feel a bit better! ;) ...needless to say, there's not much stamping going on!

I did a quick one with my Papertreyink 'Out On A Limb' set. Which I will share with you now...

Such a fun set! I am really loving this set...oh, I've already said that about a thousand times! Sorry....problems with repeating myself over and over!

That's it for now. I was working on a couple of things last night....not quite ready to share....still needs...?...maybe it was the headache! ;)

I am off to play with some stuff! My pre-order just arrived from SU. Man!, that new hodgepodge set is awesome!!!!! I am going to start playing with that first. My hope is to have something to show you all tonight.

Hope you are all having a wonderful night! We are supposed to get snow tonight. I never have faith that our weather team will get it right. Every time I get excited that there will actually be substantial snow, it always passes us by. I really would love to get dumped on by snow tonight! The boys would love it as well. So what do you think?...if they cancel school because of snow does that mean that they will cancel the PTO meeting as well? Nancy is out of town....this will be my first meeting to run....hoping not to completely ruin the whole thing!

Talk to you all soon! Take care!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge

What a weekend! Evan was sick Thursday and Friday....but by the evening we thought all was better. Saturday no probs...both boys had a birthday party Saturday evening...we were on track. Then around 3PM, Evan gets sick all over again! Poor guy! He had to miss the party. The good thing is that nobody else has gotten sick...major miracle!

Well, maybe nobody! I feel terrible today! My head is killing me! Not sure if it's just the lack of sleep over the last week or if I am coming down with something. This is putting quite a crimp in my weekend stamping fun! You know I live for the card challenges! I can add them to yet another reason to look forward to the weekend! By this time I have usually already completed at least two cards! Right now I am feeling lucky to have finished this one! Ugh!

Anyway, I started with Beate's weekend sketch challenge. As I am sooooo late, I'm sure that the rest of you have already finished this one! This one is a little funny to me....not the sketch....the sketch is beautiful!...and check out her card! gorgeous!....but the colors I've chosen....that's what is funny to me! ;)

Last week, Taylor had a color challenge and used four colors that I love on their own but never thought I could pull off together. She had such a beautiful card! Don't ya love it! Imagine my surprise that I actually chose paper that has almost all of the colors in it and that I actually am using it! I bought this paper thinking it was beautiful! I still do. But again, I have a little comfortable place that I don't love to step out of! Anyway, here's what I came up with....

Rub ons are fast becoming a favorite of mine. They make a card really easy! With the way I am feeling today, I needed that! Sorry this isn't over the top for sure! I am going to have to revisit this sketch when I am feeling a little better. It's sooooo cute! Love it!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I am hoping that I will be up for a bit more stamping tonight. I am feeling a little better but still feel a bit like I was struck by a mack truck!

Talk to you all soon!

Monday, February 4, 2008

One quick one...

The other day while blog's taking longer and longer to do by the way! I keep finding more and more of your awesome blogs and I am so addicted to each and every one!...I came across a link to Card Positioning Systems. What an awesome site filled with nothing but sketches and examples. How cool is that!

So I found a couple of sketches that I fell in love with and made a few cards I thought I would share with you...and here's one....

I really love this stamp. I have a friend who is having a baby soon...of course it's a girl! I think that is why I keep making boy cards...I don't want her to know what I am making for her! ;)

Here's the next one...this uses the second sketch I tried out....

Back to the first sketch...this sketch was so fun!

Hope you are all having a great night. I think I am off to bed. Not much stamping for me tonight....way tired!

Take care each of you and I will see you all soon! :)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Jen's Sketch For You To Try

One more before bed. Jen del Muro has such a cute sketch this week. It was the perfect way to finish the night. I was working on it while watching the game...really exciting game! Anyway, games finished and so is my card....

I really love this paper. I wish I could buy it as a set. I think it does stink that it only comes in a scrappin kit. ...could be a sign I should start doing some more with my pictures! ;)

Anyway, thanks so much for coming by today and checking things out. I have had a ton of fun this weekend with all of these great challenges. Now it's off to work on some of my own stuff. ...what a concept! ;)

Have a wonderful evening and I will see you all later! :)

Just Smile And Nod.... :)

Yeah! It's Sharon's stamp simply challenge! For this one, the challenge is to use anything pretty that you have. How fun is that! I so love the pretty stuff! I am currently in a Soft Sky mode...which I think is beyond pretty! So of course I chose that color. Another pretty fav of mine is pearls. How pretty are they!

So now the time to just 'smile and nod'.....Easter??? With these colors? They don't exactly scream spring. Eh, whaaatever.

I so love this! It's pretty simple but I just love the color, the pearls, and the fun flock which is completely waisted on this picture! You can't even see it! Bummer!

What a great weekend of challenges! I have had so much with all of them! Thanks again for everything you guys! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by. I am off to play with Evan & Carter. Carter has been begging to play Jimmy Newtron all day! When I tell you we've played this game 15 times it's a gross understatement!

Hope you are all having a great superbowl weekend! Take care!

***quick edit...when I look at this online it looks much brighter than it does in my hot little hand. The close to cocoa color actually looks almost pinkish. The one I am holding has lots of brown which is why I didn't think it looked really springish. ;)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

And Taylor Makes Three

I posted earlier that I was working out of my comfort zone. Well Taylor's challenge is sticking with that! For her challenge you had to use Real Red, Pixie Pink, Tempting Turquois, and Chocolate Chip for your card. While I love all four colors, picking them all at once, I can assure you, would never have happened but for this challenge!

So here's my card....How fun! Again...I really do love stretching myself. This card did just that. What a fun challenge! Thanks so much, Taylor! I had a great time playing!

Thanks for stopping by and I will post you all later! ;)

Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge

Well here is the second sketch challenge to take me out of my comfort zone. How fun is that! I so love when there is something that will really make you think. So often I can get in a little rut with the same ol' same ol'. How nice to have these fun sketches to really make me change things up a bit.

Here's my card for Beate's wsc #33.....

I pulled out my rub-ons for this one. I have been cleaning my stamping area as Hayden has decided to keep growing and can reach all the way to the middle of my desk! Yesterday was quite a trick to accomplish anything! All of my supplies were in the middle of my desk. I had a huge pile of stuff that I kept taking away from him. I am almost completely reorganized! Woohoo! Tomorrow should be back to business!

Hope you are all having a great weekend and I will see you all soon!

Take care!

Friday, February 1, 2008

My Favorite Things Sketch Challenge

Today has been a pretty fun day. The boys were out of school so for most of the day we have played. Every now and again I would sit down and do a little stamping...but then it was back to playtime.

Here is something that I've actually finished today. I have a few projects started but they will take a little longer to complete. It was fun to participate in the My Favorite Things sketch challenge. This is a first for me. I must confess that as much as I love SCS, I get lost trying to find my way around. Part of that is just because I get so distracted looking at all the pretty scenery!

But today I found it and what a fun sketch! I had such a great time with this one. Here's my interpretation of Cindy's wonderful sketch....

And there you have it. Thanks so much for stopping by and checking things out. I am so excited that today is Friday! ....More and More and More Sketches!!!! They will be the perfect intermission for the other projects I am working on.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Friday and I will post you later!

My Sketch Swap Example

I put this together last night but it was so late I just didn't have the energy to post it....

.....'How many monsters does it take to put in a light bulb?' .....'11'.... That was my joke of the day from my oldest son, Evan. I so love his jokes. Just smile and nod...and throw in a little giggle. Hey, it makes him happy.

Anyway, as usual, give me a sketch and I will run with it a bazillion times! When I am doing other peoples sketches I will usually stick with just one card as I am trying to keep the fact that I am obsessed with stamping a secret...but when it's my sketch....well, I already know how obsessed I am! Everyone in our little swap group is aware. Might as well just go with it! ;)

Here's what I did last night...

I flipped it....not a surprise. It's still the same sketch, it just gave me another option. I love options. I also really love this set.

I found a link to a My Favorite Things sketch last of course was way to late for me to do anything with it...but it is my goal for today!

Hope you are all doing well and I will post you later!