Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Quickie

Ok...STAMPING!....what else....

I am off for a busy, busy day...we have two baseball games at on earth do you cheer on both sons when they are playing on two different fields! Yes, as bad as this sounds, I am praying for rain! Maybe the reschedule will be on different days.

Today is my friend Bobbi's birthday...this is the fairydust.indy Bobbi from over at SCS...please bombard her with all sorts of goodwill...she totally tried to hide her birthday! You know that no matter what your age these are the things we should celebrate in a big way each and every year! Yes, I know...cancer has given me a different perspective but I do so want to pass that perspective on to each of you! No matter what the crows feet or aching bones...each birthday is a beautiful thing! Something that should be cherished and celebrated!

Ok...getting kind of mushy...sappy...whatever....

My friend Angie is in town for a brief visit...remember me telling you guys about her moving?....I am so excited to see and catch up with her...ok...I talk to her on the phone all the time but it's just not the same!

Obviously this is going to be one of those crazy days! I am going to share with you a simple little thing I am sending to my sister...yes...she has some crazy stories over there on her blog!...this card is super simple but super appropriate! I knew I had to have this stamp when I saw it at Hobby Lobby. Yeah...I always leave such sweet posts for know like...'you dork'...or 'duh'...but that's all said in love! My big sis is actually my very best friend. She has been since I quit stealing her makeup back in the 4th grade! I was a real pest! ;) So that is part of the reason this is such a perfect card for her!
So what do you think? Yes, it's EPLS...but I'm telling you what...that sentiment is just perfect! I think I am going to make a whole batch of cards like this for her. Every now and then when something is happening I will send one her way. Hey, I may change the layout and paper but that sentiment just says it all!

Ok...I'm off to get this fun and crazy day started! I hope that you all have a wonderful day! I will be back for sure tomorrow with a new Page Plans card and maybe this totally depends on just how crazy things get today!

Take care and happy stamping to you all! :)


Carolyn King said...


I have six sisters and I definitely need this stamp as we are best friends and were worst enemies when growing up! lol!

I love the fun colors.

Have a fun day (even tho hectic) I am getting ready to go to dd's softball game myself!!!

Have a wonderful Mother's day!

Michelle said...

I love the bright colors and I really like that sentiment! Perfect card for your sister!

beate said...

I love your quickie!
You rock!
Hugs and smiles

Stacey said...

Thats fab! I love it! ~x~

BatMom said...

I love it too! hopefully I'll see it in person ;-)

Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

LOVe this! That sentiment is awesome!