Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hippity Hoppity!

...quickity know, I should start putting dork alert in the title! ;)

Just a quick little card before running off to another baseball game. I really do feel like we live at the ballpart currently! Not that that is a bad thing. I really enjoy watching the boys play. The older they get the more exciting it is. But every now and then you just want to veg! hmmm...not sure I can even remember what that is like anymore!

On to a card...

And I'm off! One quick note. I am going to be expanding my horizons! By that I mean that I will be posting more 3-D items. Why am I sharing that you ask? Because if I don't say it outloud then I will always be able to come up with an excuse as to why I do not have time for that! My little stamping group has requested some gifty type items to prep for Christmas...of course they aren't all going to have a Christmas theme but you know you can always make changes! ;)

I am a person who needs deadlines. I just don't prioritize my time well without them. On that note...I will be posting my card for Beate's WSC today! How's that for giving myself a deadline! It's started and sitting on my desk right now. I've already colored the image in fact. But again...without a deadline there is a good chance it will go off into this messy little pile I have of incomplete stuff. that I have shared way to much of my dark side I am truly off to get ready for todays game!

I hope that you are all enjoying a wonderful, fantabulous Saturday! It's finally just absolutely beautiful here today! Which is a good thing because it should start raining again tomorrow! :(

Post you all soon...Like sometime this evening! Deadlines! Whether self imposed or not...they are really important! ;)

Take care! :)


Anonymous said...

Really cool card Jennifer..Hope you enjoyed the baseball!!!and are having a great weekend..take Care:)xxx

beate said...

Jennifer, your card looks great! Very different, very masculine.
I like your idea of posting more 3D items. I can't wait what you come up with. Whatever it is, it will look great!
Have a great weekend. Hugs and smiles

M@risk@ said...

Love this beautiful card, curious about yours made with the sketch of this week. Wish you a lovely sunday.