Monday, March 3, 2008

Never Leave Your Camera At Home!

Ok....I so love Bobbi! You all hear me talking about her all the time. Well, we took Angie out Saturday night and I forgot my camera. Thank heavens Bobbi thought to bring hers! I asked her to send me a copy of the picture the waiter took of all of us together. She called to tell me it was in my email it is....

There's Meg, Amanda, Bridget, Me, and Angie.......and where the heck is Bobbi! I know she was in the picture but ???? Did the waiter cut her out?

I was on the phone with Bobbi while I was pulling this up. At first I didn't realize. I knew something was wrong but I wasn't sure what. Then I start to count heads...then I look down the rows...I say...'hey, Bobbi, where are you?' ...she says...'I was hoping you wouldn't notice'!

Wouldn't notice!!!! That is so Bobbi! know she isn't going to send me the original either! This is why you should never leave home without your camera!

Well, I couldn't get this thing to print for the life of me! I called Bobbi and asked her to please do it for me. She did and she included the uncropped photo as well...of course she included it in sepia! I needed black & white! You know she did that because she didn't want me putting it in the frame! Girl! I will get that picture! mwaahahhhaaaahhaaa! :)

Seriously...I will get that picture! I want it in black and white for the frame! ....and here is why....

You know...I think I can offically say I am a rub-on-a-holic. Wow. What will I do when they are no longer fashionable!

So now I am going to have to do something special with the uncropped version...I think it will get a scrapbook page. I love sepia. I've got some great papers that will go with it! I will post it once I have finished!

Hope you are all doing well! I will post you soon!


beate said...

Wow! That frame looks amazing, Jennifer! Bobbi sounds like me. I am more comfortable behind the camera. You all look gorgeous!
Hugs and smiles

Terrie B x said...

beautiful all look fab:)x

BobbiG said...

Ha, ha, ha! It looks just perfect the way it is! Love it!