Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tasty Simple

Usually I post everything seperately as I like to organize things so I can find them later. Tonight I am combining two projects with one post. ...because, well, I am really tired! I can hardly keep my eyes open tonight!

Two things...let's start with what I think is pretty funny....
This is a little sucker cover I was thinking would be cute for Evan's class. I would make them for Carter's as well but we can't send food in to his class. How cute is this! ...I only need a couple dozen more! ;) ...The picture could be better...but on the plus side...we just upgraded out Adobe photoshop to the new version....soooooo much easier than the old version I had! Look...I'm figuring out the beveled edges! Tooooooo cool! So excited to play with this!

These will be pretty simple except for all of the cutting...that will be simple but really tedious! I used Stampin' Up!'s Crab & Co. for this with Real Red Card stock and a little of my leftover Dashing paper.

Next comes.....

Can I tell you how much I love this! ....and how much I LOVE Papertreyink! Love!!!! This is the Trajan Monogram Edition and the Borders & Corners Monogram Edition.

This project started with the ribbon. What a ribbon! I so love this! We had to go to Walmart today and I of course had to browse through the craft section. I can't pass that section up anywhere! I didn't find that much. A little ric rac....lot's of colors! ...and then this ribbon! It's so fun! I love it! I bought it in this....perfect match to Groovy Guava...and a purple color. As we were heading out of the craft/sewing section I found this little container. It was marked down to a dollar! One dollar! Cool! It has one big compartment and three little ones. I bought 3 of these and 2 of these really cool purse like containers...all a dollar each! I may have to go back and buy them all! What great gifts these are going to be!

...Ok...I'm thinking I should delete this and be a little selfish as I'm afraid they will all be gone when I go back! ;)...just kidding! ;)

...Groovy Guava is my all time favorite color. This is really hard for me as I know it's time is growing short. I'm not quite sure what I am going to do once it's gone. Sure, I'll stock up....but I will hoard every single piece of everything I have! Not good for a recovering collector!

Back to the stamp. I started to cover this knowing I wanted to monogram it with my Trajan Monogram...this is going to be on my desk to hold my scissors and least until Hayden gets big enough to grab the scissors. Once I had the paper and ribbon on I stamped the monogram. ...and....and...nothing doesn't need a single thing IMHO. I really think it's perfect as is. I am really going to love looking at this on my desk. Of course, it matches nothing in my accents are mostly red...but whatever. If I could change the red to Groovy Guava I would! ;)

Later ...from the Groovy Guava freak!

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All Pink girl said...

Wow 2 fabulous projects ,love them both ,Dawnx