Thursday, January 3, 2008

Doing the Happy Dance!

I just got home from the dr's office....which is really a black can wait for hours to be seen by the dr at an oncologists they forgot to get my check-in slip to the nurses who take your vitals so I waited even longer!...didn't even realize as I was watching tv and not paying attention....this is the one place you would think they would get you in and out....if you are actively sick you don't want to waste a second in a dr's want to spend as much time as possible living!

Rambling....ranting really....sorry...anyway, my scans are all clear! I am so excited! I am now (almost exactly) 4 years out of treatment! I can hardly believe it! Thanks so much for all of your positive words and for listening when I was feeling stressed. I am so thankful for each and every one of you!

I am off to hopefully do a little stamping. I ordered some bella stamps at Christmas and they just arrived. I am thinking I will give them a try while waiting on my new Stampin' Up! excited about the new catalog! Love it!

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lmm said...

So happy to hear your good news!