Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Coffee Invite

What a crazy day this has been. I must confess that I have busied myself with anything I could think of. I am slightly nervous about my dr.'s appointment tomorrow. That's the day I will get the results of my PET scan. While I am really not expecting anything other than another all clear, I can't help but freak out prior to each and every scan. The good side of this stress is that my house is always sooo much cleaner! Of course this time around you can't tell that much as I had the Christmas decorations to take down and that took forever!

On to something little more depressing! ;) One of my greatest friends here will be moving in February. I am so bummed about this. She is such a great gal...and will never see this as she is so not a stamper! ;) She came to a camp I had once and was quite the trooper but it's just not her thing! Because she is not a stamper, I feel safe that she will not see this!

Some of us get together for coffee every so often as we can! for our last hoorah I thought I would actually make invitations...just to make sure she doesn't forget how OOC I really am...that's 'out of control'!
I am thinking I will tweak the size of the invite or coffee cup as I am not that fond of the cup handle hanging out. Eh...whatever, thought I would post anyway. If I make any changes I will post that as well. Can you tell it's a coffee cup? I am definitely not an artist! ;)

I hope you all like this one. I hear the baby crying which means not a great night for sleep! So I better dash.

Take care and have a wonderful evening. I will post tomorrow with my test results. Thanks so much for all of your well wishes.

Jen B


Andrea, said...

Fab invitation. Hope all goes well at the Dr's.

BobbiG said...

Perfect jennifer! She'll love it.

BatMom said...

this invite is so cute it makes me wish 2 things -
1. that i had enough time and energy to make it. and,
2. that i drank coffee and could use it if i had the time and energy to make it!