Thursday, January 17, 2008

Warmest Regards Card

Ok...I told you all last night that I need a sympathy card. Let me first say that I have never made a card for this before. Shocking! But there you go. I didn't have one even lying around. So I search through my stamp sets looking for something. I found my Warmest Regards stamp set. I do love this set...but a sympathy card? I didn't know where to start.

Well, last night I didn't even get around to it. Hayden woke up right after I posted the chick card and was not up for going back to bed right away. By the time he went back down I was ready for bed myself!
...I'm totally rambling!

On my desk today was the Azure paper package. Azure!? I will say that when Stampin' Up came out with the Au Chocolat paper I was so excited! It is still a favorite of mine and I am starting to sweat since I am down to one unopened package! Still loved the Red and Gray versions...but with the new catalog came my one 'eh' reaction and that was to both the Olive Press and Azure versions of this paper. I actually ordered the Azure because of something Amy said. So here it is and I must confess, I've been even more uninspired since looking at it.

Well tonight I decided I must first make the sympathy card and I look over at the new distress ink I just purchased and the Azure was screaming for it. You know, I don't mind it so much anymore. In fact, I think I actually like it.

I do like it! ...Sam I am! :)

So here is the sympathy card....basic...oh, yeah! That does seem to be what I am most comfortable with..... here is a little something that tells you just how tired I am today....

You know you need a little sleep when adhere everything on the card the wrong way! It opens backwards! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Backwards! Uh!
....little side note as the Apprentice is on in the background....Gene Simmons really cracks me up! I really was too young to be a Kiss fan...I can remember there being a girl in Kindgergarten that was always wearing something with Kiss on it but I had never heard of them. I just remember thinking they looked freaky! I know they had some songs come out when I was in High School but ...ok...whatever....He's flipping hilarious!
Anyway...that's that...I am probably going to call it a night...yes I still need to work on card swap...yes, I still need to get all of my card stock ready for our next get together....yes, tomorrow is Friday and I am running out of time....what can I tell you...I have always worked better under pressure!...never really understood why.
Allright! Enough jabbering from me! I hope you are all doing well and are having really inspiring moments! I am off to sleep! ...which I am sure will come two seconds after I hit the bed!
Take care and I will see you soon!


Carolyn King said...

that card is gorgeous and I love those colors.

too funny on the wrong side--as I DID the same thing for a card I made a few days it finished and went to take a photo and the opening was at the top INSTEAD of at the! Small details....thanks for making me laugh!

Cindee Stacey said...

TOOO FUNNY!! It's nice to see that I'm not the only one that has done this!! LOVE your cards!