Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Here's Why I Love Card Swap!

What a great night! I say it all the time, but I'm going to say it again! I love card swap! Some of our little group have been swapping cards for almost two years! I can hardly believe that! I think we have all grown so much in our stamping in that time. Since the beginning we've had some new additions and they are all great stampers! Each and everyone keeps me on my toes! I am always getting inspired by each of them! ....And here's why!....

Here's Bobbi's card. I really love
this. The colors are stunning and I love the frame around the sentiment. Beautiful!

Here's Amy's card. These colors are beautiful as well. I love the green and black. These colors are so striking together.

Lisa made this beautiful contribution. I so love the paper! This is so super cute! Notice the little gem in the center of the flower! Too cute!

Here's Nancy's card. Pink and brown is always a fav color combo
of mine. Love the glittery heart in the center!

Here is Jen S's card. I really love this. The brads she used are perfect for this card. Another beautiful contribution!

Here is Diane's cute, cute card! I love this one as well. The colors are stunning and check out the embossing. Diane has not been stamping very long. She and her daughter Lauren started together. I am always impressed with both of them! They are always pushing themselves with new techniques and coming up with really cute cards!

Speaking of Lauren....here is her card....CUTE! Can you believe she is only 14! She's amazing! How cute is this!

Another beauty from Meg! I so love this card. Love the pink...love the hearts...love the shiny paper!

Here is Carol's card. This is now my favorite Carol card. It's soooo cute! I love the lone gem on the butterfly. It's perfect! I love the soft colors. So very cute!

And there you have it! Another fun card swap. So much fun! Thanks again you guys for all of your hard work! You all did such a great job!

Thanks for stopping by! I will see you all soon!

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