Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Good, The Bad, & The What's This!

So, I'm still cleaning the stamp room. I am so ready to place my first Stampin' Up! order tomorrow and I really want to make room for the new stuff I am wanting. It's sort of been my mission to use up whatever I don't have room for. I am pretty much posting everything I make. The good, the bad, and the what's this? I'm pretty sure I know where this one falls!

Well, this one at least frees up a place in my accessory box! ???

Of course, at this rate I may be ready for my new stuff sometime next year! It took forever to get all of those rhinestones on! On to the next thing.

...This is your creativity on too much caffeine. Ok...I don't think it's THAT bad but I do think I need to step away from the desk for just a little while!

Hopefully I will have something else today. Take care!

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