Monday, January 7, 2008

Back to School! & Lindsay's Card

What a crazy day this has been! Our first day back to school! I must admit, I am one of the crazy moms that wasn't all that excited about that! I really have enjoyed all of the play time with the boys over the last couple of weeks! It was nice to get together with friends today and have a little grown-up much as you can have chasing a 9 month old around! But all in all the day seemed more hectic than anything!

Part of this is getting back to business with my volunteer stuff. Spring fling planning is beginning for our school. I am actually in charge of this one. I am really excited about this! I can't wait to present my ideas! I was totally thinking of an animal thing and dinner and then my good friend Nancy said something about magic and!...I think that would be even better! I can't wait! I think my kids are going to love this! ...whatever we do! ;)

This is pretty much the first time I have sat at my desk all day! In just a couple of minutes it will be bedtime and then I will do a little stamping! Woohoooo! I am so excited because I have some new shows to watch...what happened last night on Desperate Housewives? I think there are some other new ones coming on tonight. What a fun night of stamping and tv. My husband is working tonight so that will be good! In just a bit I will hopefully post with something stunning!...ok....maybe not stunning....but at least fun! ;)

Until then, here's a card from card swap that I would love to share with you.
Post you soon! :)

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