Sunday, January 20, 2008

Uhhhhh...Card Swap!!!

...and remember, I love card swap! ...I never like waiting until the last minute for anything, though!

I am having so much trouble today with everything! ...ok...just card swap!I thought I would do this....keep in mind what I am showing you is not completed.....

What's the point in finishing this when......
I totally cut off the 'St.' in St. Patrick's Day....AAAAhhhhhhh! What a all honesty the colors seemed a bit drab anyway. What's worse is that even if I loved the colors, there really isn't room to redo this one. I think this could really be cute but I don't have the time or patience to find another stamp set to fit.

Have you ever had one of those moments when you look in your closet and it just seems as if you have nothing to wear? You know it's not true as your closet is full and yet nothing seems quite right. I'm having a stamping moment like that right now! There is just nothing to use! What's my problem!

I started to recycle an older card with this one.....

...didn't end up loving it either....I think it's cute but I do have to make 10 of these! Not really looking forward to paper pieces that many elephants as well as coloring in the little dots as the paper didn't come that way! I am back to the drawing board with exactly 24 hours to go! I am feeling a little pressure right about now!

Ok...looking at the plus side....I found the stamp I was trying to find for Beate Johns sketch challenge...although I really won't have time to start it until Tuesday. I also came up with what I hope will be a really cute idea for Jen del Muro's sketch. Again, won't be able to try it out until Tuesday.

Back to the drawing board! :)

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