Friday, February 1, 2008

My Sketch Swap Example

I put this together last night but it was so late I just didn't have the energy to post it....

.....'How many monsters does it take to put in a light bulb?' .....'11'.... That was my joke of the day from my oldest son, Evan. I so love his jokes. Just smile and nod...and throw in a little giggle. Hey, it makes him happy.

Anyway, as usual, give me a sketch and I will run with it a bazillion times! When I am doing other peoples sketches I will usually stick with just one card as I am trying to keep the fact that I am obsessed with stamping a secret...but when it's my sketch....well, I already know how obsessed I am! Everyone in our little swap group is aware. Might as well just go with it! ;)

Here's what I did last night...

I flipped it....not a surprise. It's still the same sketch, it just gave me another option. I love options. I also really love this set.

I found a link to a My Favorite Things sketch last of course was way to late for me to do anything with it...but it is my goal for today!

Hope you are all doing well and I will post you later!


Mistylynn said...

Very cute card. I like it monochromatic!

Lori Craig said...

OH! I love this! Love the 4 squares, the color and the elephant! Just adorable!