Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sketch Card Number 2

Ok...I pushed the easy button tonight! I still am eager to use my bind-it-all tonight but I thought I would give the sketch swap another try. Here's what I came up with. Here's the card 'closed'...

The second one is 'open'. I think this might make a nice variation for our card swap. I would almost do this same card but the rub-ons are already out! ...of this specific design.

You know, I have always tended to be a 'collector'. By this I mean that I have a habit of buying things and then storing them. I never use any of it for fear of running out. I feel like I have somewhat changed this habit lately as I have been using anything and everything! Hey, I actually used the metal flowers for not just this card but the Happy Heart one as well! That's saying something!

The rub-ons are going to be a bit of a problem for me! While they went on much better than I remember my past experiences with rub-ons, there is only one sheet of black and one sheet of white. Each sheet is covered with some image or word but if you were going to mass produce cards and use them they would run out...well after one card!

All that said, I have already prepared my first new catalog order and there are two other rub-ons in that order! Does that make me a walking contradiction? Maybe this will be the true test as to whether I have broken my collecting habit or not!

I have to break it...I am running out of room for all the really cool new stuff I keep finding!

Have a great night...if I don't go right to sleep after I put the boys down I will come back and work on the bind-it-all book. Otherwise I will hopefully post something tomorrow!

Take care!


MamaDuck said...

Thanks for the list! Cute card! Love the paper and the mouse. Are you wii bowling? Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your evening! Merry Christmas!

MamaDuck said...

Oops--love both cards! Love the metal flower too! You are so creative!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card, Jennifer!