Friday, December 28, 2007

My Organizer...Bind It was supposed to be a bind-it-all project! In all honesty, it could be. I wanted to get this posted. I said something about working on it the other day. As is often the case once I start a project, I realize I am in need of something and the only work I do is in my head creating!

I wanted to make a sort of organizer for myself but I wanted to have closing envelopes for some of the pages. I figured I could find that for sure at Archivers but with three kids in tow, I knew that was not a trip I wanted to make! ...It's at least a 25 minute ride one way! (Yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds! I grew up in the Austin area and worked in the Dallas area for over 7 years. It would take an eternity in either of those cities to make it 5 miles up the road during the wrong time of day! You would think I would be used to that! There is a reason my 6 year old van has only 40,000 miles on it! I hate to drive anywhere now!)

Wow! I was really off track there! All that said to tell you that I went to Memoirs instead and of course they do not carry the Bind-it-All so they do not have supplies for it. Instead I bought a pre-bound book. It feels a little like cheating. Sorry, but the kids had already lost interest in the store playroom and were heading out. This is not a store I like to bring them to so I just grabbed this book and ran! After paying of course.

Anyway, here's the cover. I used the same paper I used earlier on a My Favorite Things card. I really love this paper. I also used flowers from my Pretties kit and lots and lots of ribbon. The stamp set I used is Office Accoutrement.
Here's the first two pages. I am posting this now but will have to add to it in a couple of weeks. I was unable to get Full Calendar, a new SU! set, early and need it to finish the calendar pages. I will make 12 calendars to velcro onto the calendar spot. The pocket is to store the unused calendars.

I'm still not 100% sure what I will use all of the envelopes for. I will post more about that once I have the calendar pages. Here's a couple of closer pictures of the first two pages...

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you like this one. I look forward to sharing something else real soon!
Take care!

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Andrea, said...

This is a fab organiser, I really must use my BIA more