Sunday, December 23, 2007

Santa Scrapbook Page

It's not often a picture and scrapbook page actually meet at my house. I will either have the picture or the page but never both. While this is pretty simple...most of my stuff is...I really love this page. I ordered the paper from My Favorite Things and am so in love with it! I am, of course, a paper junkie! The brads I bought last year...somewhere? Everything else is Stampin Up!.
I so love this picture! No crying! Almost smiles on everyones faces. The great thing is that the photographer actually took this picture. She was trying to get everyone to smile so she asked Santa to help out. He started to tickle Evan. The photographer told him it was Carter that needed the help and so he then started to tickle him. At that point, Hayden realized there was someone else behind him other than his brothers and started to scream!

Every year we end up with a great picture of Santa. I am so glad that we got a pretty good one of all the boys as well this year! Of course, overhearing what they told Santa they wanted! Boy! His sleigh is so not big enough!

Have a great night, y'all! I am off to bed!

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Andrea, said...

Fab LO. Wishing you and your family as Very Happy Christmas