Friday, December 14, 2007

A Little Gift Card

I'm back! ...and not glowing in the dark! ;)

It was quick and painless and I wasn't able to come home until after 2PM. Since I finished at 10:30 I was left wondering what to do. First, I went to the scrapbook store. It is always nice to peruse through there without any little ones. Then off to a movie where I was told by the concession guy that I was 'really pretty' and would I be interested in seeing a free movie?!?

Huh??? ***I did leave the wedding ring at home. They always ask you to take it off and I am such a space that I didn't want to lose it...again!...during a scan!

I'm guessing the guy needs glasses as I am, at the very least, 10 years older than he was! That my friends, is being really kind to myself! Either way, I would really like to find out just how to create the same lighting environment in my own home...and pretty much everywhere I go! ;)

Anyway, here's the one and only thing I can show you right now. I needed a gift card and here's what I came up with. I wanted to post something.

I am hoping for lots of great stuff this weekend. My swap project is moving right along. I might actually finish in time! I'm just not feeling that creative right now!

Take care and I will post you soon!

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