Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh Where Oh Where Have My Copics Gone?

I was so excited yesterday. The stamps I ordered from My Favorite Things (really cute girl stamps!) arrived. How exciting! Especially since my copic markers were due to arrive today. I've been waiting (stalking) the UPS man all day! Finally I got so frustrated I called, got my tracking number, and went to track the package. Much to my dismay, it's been rescheduled! ugh! What's up with the whole rescheduling thing? It's here in Indy and yet, what? Did my UPS driver call in sick today? This happens quite often with my Stampin' Up! (ok...we all know that website I just still really like doing that! I'm so glad I finally figured it out!) orders.'s a sneak of the card I hope to finish tomorrow.

See how it's screaming ('poppies, poppies') ...sorry, my bad... 'copics, copics'! (...get it? Wizard of Oz? With the day I've had, I even look like her right about now!)

I am really hoping that I get the colors right or else the paper may change (to protect the innocent). It is really so hard to tell what colors I am getting by looking online. I think there are pinks in it. Who knows. One thing I do know is that there didn't look like there were any browns. I am thinking, if I like them, my next purchase may come sooner rather than later.

I'm gonna need brown. And red. And blue. And purple. And black. And, etc, etc, etc....

This is going to be a really simple card. I was hoping it could be an example for our next card swap. I am loving participating in the sketch challenges so much that I thought it would be fun to do one for our next swap. Keep in mind...I have no idea how to copy the sketch to the computer or even if my 'idea' of a sketch is worthy of repeating. It should be fun regardless. I will hopefully have something to upload for this tomorrow. Ok...for sure by next week!

That's all for this one. I am going to upload the rest of our pictures from our last card swap and get moving on teacher/class presents for Friday. I am so excited to share all of our projects.

They are all so very cute and creative!

By the anyone having issues with blogger today? Mine is acting really weird! It's sort of pushing me over the edge right now! I have been trying to install a new wireless printer for this computer. That has for some reason proven to be quite the bear! I thought maybe this problem was caused by something with that. I tried to uninstall the driver. Wouldn't work. So I called tech support where I sat on hold for what seemed like 5 hours. I was so frustrated that I think I may have been a little short with the HP guy. In my defense, I couldn't really hear him which was even more frustrating. In his defense, my kids were really loud and the baby was crying...he's sick so he's really tired and REALLY cranky!

Guess it wasn't the printer! Uh...who knew!?

Take care!

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