Monday, December 31, 2007


Hello to you all!

I'm so sorry it seems like forever since I've posted last. Ok, it was just Friday, but given I have been posting every day and most times multiple times a day that was ages ago! ;)

This has been a weekend filled with cleaning up (and out!), teething, and games. On the plus side, my basement is really close(er) to being organized. As this is where I stamp, that will be a huge plus once it's accomplished. The down side to this weekend is that Hayden is getting yet another tooth and this one is really bugging him. He has been pretty cranky all weekend.

In all honesty, I can't completely blame my lack of stamping on this. What can I tell you, I am still a huge Mario junky! To be really honest, I am quite happy that Super Paper Mario is as difficult as it is as my sons are asking me to play! Hey, we're almost finished, I'm having a hard time pulling myself away! ...I mean they are really wanting to see the end. Yeah, that's what I meant. Besides, the fate of all worlds is in our hands! ;)

Issues! I have a plenty! ;)

Anyway, with the new year coming tomorrow, I wanted to take this opportunity to say how truly lucky I am to have such an amazing support system such as you. It is so wonderful to have so many friends that are always there to lean on. I hope that each of you has a wonderful and safe New Years Eve and I look forward to stamping with each of you next year! ;)
Hope you enjoy this one. I know it's super simple but Mario is calling!...I mean, the boys really need me! ;) The picture is not the greatest. You really can't see the beautiful blue flowers. I thought you might actually see the spica pen's glitter but that was probably my imagination!

Take care & have a wonderful night!

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