Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Merry Card

Sorry I haven't posted much. This has been quite a week. Full of Pto, Cub scouts, Christmas shopping, name it! Tomorrow Ev has a poetry reading with his class! I am so looking forward to that. The video camera is charged and ready!

Anyway, most of what I am working on I can't post. It's all class projects and my swap for next week. Last night after cub scouts I did take a little time to work on something else. This isn't quite how it started last night but this is how it's going to be! ;)

I hope you all like this. It's really simple but sort of fun. Hope you are all having a great day! I am off to find something to fix for dinner. Given that nothing is thawed this should be really interesting!

One quick addition...i really do love this paper. I think it's super cute. But I do know I have done it and then some! I'm starting to see these colors in my sleep! I'm so looking forward to a new catalog! ;)

Take care and have a wonderful night!

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