Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thanks Julie!

Ok...so Julie Koerber was such a sweetie to offer to help me figure out Photoshop so that I could create a blog banner. Have you guys checked her blog out? She rocks!

...anyhoo, I've been working on trying to figure the whole thing out for a few weeks....not having any luck. I just couldn't get past the 12x12 digi-paper I was using. Last night I was blog browsing and came across a place that you could purchase a banner for 2 bucks! I figured that would hold me over until I could email Julie and get some direction from her. If you came by yesterday you saw a really cute banner with a couple of birds on it. Super cute.

...first funny thing...I called my friend Bobbi...you guys hear me raving about her all the time! She rocks also!...and what's the first thing Bobbi says?....'that just doesn't look like you'! I so love her! You know you're great friends when you can really be honest! Love that!

...so then I am just obsessed with fixing it...and by that I mean making my own! Thanks soooo very much to Julie! I couldn't email her last night as I had hoped as Hayden is getting a new tooth and super cranky. I had to cut my night short and go take care of the poor little guy who just wouldn't stop crying. But I get a chance to email Julie today and when I ask about my prob with the paper she says...'crop it'.

....duh! She's such a genious...and I am a little afraid to admit that, well, that just hadn't occurred to me! We will just go with the whole I was thinking about it to long thing....but really...just didn't even cross my mind!

...and viola...a banner is born. Albiet a pretty simple banner...but one that Bobbi does agree looks a bit more 'like me'! ...love her!

Ok...you've read this far...I am going to share another card with you....sorry for the ramble but I really wanted to thank Julie for all of her help...she is soooo awesome....and Bobbi for being honest.....Thanks so much you guys! You are great friends!

...and on to the card.....it's another from the 'You Know Your Old When' set from Gina K....soooo love this set!

Just love this little guy! He is just the cutest thing!

One more quick question....When I had Bobbi check out the final product the banner did not come up. If you are viewing this and have the same problem please email or post. I'm not quite sure what was up and am hoping I have it fixed.

Hope you are all having a great day and I will post you all soon!


Julie Koerber said...

Awww shucks Miss Jennifer.. it really wasn't a big deal at all. Glad you got it figured out though and glad I could help! I think it looks great! I also love your "you know your old" guy. Love how the ribbon looks like a tie. Talk about smart! That's so fun!

veronica said...

i love your new banner, so bright and cheery!

Bobbi G said...

wow! Didn't know I carried that much influence! Love this banner and love the card!

Lesa (okcapitolgirl) said...

Absolutely LOVE your banner! And that card is too cute - love the tie!

Sorry I've been a bad blogging friend! I haven't posted in a while! I promise to do better! Hugs & Stamps!

Donna said...

I love the old people cards you've made recently! They are so cute and I love the tie you did with your ribbon for this card. Your banner is real pretty, I like it!

Anonymous said...

Your banner is great.I`m gonna have to do one.I start in photoshop!!!!and thats about it!!!lol I get too frustrated with it so give up...but youv`e inspired me to keep going!!!:)
This card is fab..I love the ay youv`e used your ribbon:)x
"Have a great Day"

Anonymous said...

Beautiful banner! And I've been enjoying your recent funny cards!
Just letting you know I tagged you if you want to play along!

You can find the rules here: http://happygiggles.wordpress.com/2008/03/12/ive-been-tagged/

chica21b said...

What a cute card! Love the way you tied the ribbon to look like a tie. You're so clever!

Bobbi G said...

Hey Jen, it is 1:45 and no banner??

beate said...

You are rocking this set, Jennifer! Another wonderful card. Your banner looks great!
Hugs and smiles