Saturday, March 8, 2008

It's 50 Degrees!!!....INSIDE!

So we wake up this morning thinking it feels kind of cold inside. I don't really think that much about it as my husband is home and he really likes it cold. I figured he forgot to turn the thermostat back up before going to bed last night. Once I get downstairs I realize there is a problem! The thermostat is set to 71 and it's 60 inside! By the time the air people get here it's in the 50's!

So...we have a broken whatch-a-ma-thingy and do you know it's going to cost over $800! ...Ok...luckily I purchased a contract thingy with them last fall. You know when I did it I thought I was waisting money! Turns out it just paid for itself! Although we had to pay for the service call we did not have to pay for the $800 watch-a-ma-thingy! Whew! What a relief!

So now the temp is back up to around fingers are maybe I can get some stamping done! I am off to try a couple of challenges and finish up a couple of other projects.

I hope you are all having a great day! I will post you soon!


beate said...

Oh no! Thank goodness you had that contract! Bundle up under blankets and watch a movie until your house warms up!
Hugs and smiles

Katie said...

Isn't it such a pain when whatch-a-ma-thingies break?! So glad you had the contract!

Anonymous said...

Oh my thnk goodness you didnt have to pay all that for a "Thingy mi...giggy"...hope youv`e got it sorted and your all warm and cosy now!!!love your terminology Jen!!!LOL