Sunday, March 2, 2008

Just A Quick Little Something...

What a gorgeous day we've had here! The high was 63 degrees! Wow! How exciting to see the sun and be able to take the kids out for a little fun! We went for the longest bike ride. Hayden had his first ride in the bike trailer that has now toted three kids around this neighborhood. We have definitely gotten our moneys worth out of that thing! What a great day!

Most of my stamping today has been spent working on Angie's gift. It's moving right along. Although, an unfortunate incident with the bind-it-all will mean a trip to the scrapbook store tomorrow as I am in need of a little more paper and a little more chipboard. What a drag that was...I wanted to cry!

So before bed I thought I would try another something from the sketch book. This is such a simple card. It's a one layer...with the exception of the sentiment. ......and here it is.....Hope you like this one. I needed something quick....and I officially have scratched two things out of my book! This is huge for me! I really do have such a bad habit of getting it in there only to leave it in there!

I hope you have all had a great day! I must say....I am hoping for a little more warm weather. I am ready for flowers! Lots and lots of flowers! I really need to get outside and do some planting! I am now on the lookout for my daffodils. Maybe they will start to show themselves soon!

Take care and have a great night! :)


Deborah said...

Great quickie! Those daffodils are popping up!The wild flowers are covering our previous burned mountain sides, so this spring is extra special for us this year! Happy planting! Deb

Julie Koerber said...

Go check out my blog... got a surprise there for you!!! :-)