Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just Wanted To Pass This Along

My guess is that if you come here you probably visit Sharon Johnson's blog....No Time To Stamp....this link will take you directly to her post about this. Sharon has posted something about a young man, Kurt Blake, that was injured in a skiing accident. His family has set up a blog that you can find here.

My family obviously believes in the power of prayer. I just posted in my tagged article about being both a cancer and plane crash survivor. God has really blessed us. We also have a friend that suffered a brain injury about 5 years ago and the dr's had given up on him. Luckily his family and friends never did. We continued to pray for him and today he is here with his wife and their beautiful 2 year old son! It is truly a miracle! He does still have some limitations with his vision but is doing so well.

Please keep this family in your prayers and pass the information on to whatever prayers groups your church or friends may have. We can never have too many people praying for us.

Thanks so much for passing this on and for praying for this young man and his family.

Hugs to each of you!


The Rubber Maid said...

Kurt is in my prayers and will pass along your story. Pat

Anonymous said...


Deborah said...

I will light a candle for Kurt and pray for his recovery. I can see that you are a real fighter, with a strong will to live. I too am a fighter and will not give up on my serious health issues.My doctors always comment on my attitude, I couldn't imagine any other approach! Bless you! Deb

Marilyn said...

God definitely answers our prayers!! I will be praying for Kurt and his family!