Monday, March 31, 2008

A Card Swap First Draft..

...For my local card swap...I've been so excited that I was able to get into a Gina K swap at SCS...I never see this kind of thing on time! I am always late and miss out. So excited about this that I think my friends are tired of hearing me talk about what I am going to do! ...sorry guys...deadline is fast approaching...then you will just hear me talk about the cute little cards I receive! ;)

For my little card swap we did things a bit different this time around. Each of us that signed up in March agreed to participate for March and April. In March we each brought enough of an embellishment (that had us a bit stumped) to swap with one lucky person...who will then use for their cards in April. We drew names to see who would get who...just to keep it fair...and I was the lucky recipient of Amy's contribution. She gave up these really cute book plates and rhinestone gems. How lucky was I! ...yes, I'm still doing my happy dance y'all!...sorry I'm really excited about these little things.

I knew the minute I saw these exactly what I was going to do....and is often the case with me and card first draft is not always the completed version. This card doesn't utilize the gems...since I want the finished version to be a surprise and since Amy had an extra in the bag...I decided to do this one as well...I will work on the final project for swap and share that after we have our well as the photo I took of all of our loot.

Here's my first draft...

It's definitely an EPLS...but I thought it was a cutie. Love these little bookplates...I must have more! have to hook me up!
That's all I have for the moment...I am off to play for about 20 minutes until bedtime...then off to stamp a bit more...I may have something else tonight...but for sure tomorrow...I have over a dozen new ideas in my little book and there is a stack of stamps on my desk just waiting to be played with! So many stamps so little time!
Hope you are all doing well...oh!...and it's Monday! Bachelor and Medium! What an awesome tv night! ...there I go again....sorry...I will try really hard not to post anything during the know how that show drives me a bit nuts!
Take care and I will post you soon! :)



MamaDuck said...

Love, love it! It is so fun to see the beautiful card that you have made with things that have been just sitting on my craft table. I've had those for years! What fun! We so need so need to do this again! TFS!

Julie Koerber said...

Fun stuff! I have a funny for you! I clicked on the Bachelor and thought of you! I thought -- Oh, I wonder who Jen is hoping gets the guy!! :-)

Julie Koerber said...

Ok, it's me again! I gave you an award on my blog - so check it out! I also wrote you a book of an email to say thanks!!! Hope you got it! You rock!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card as always the colours...I forgot to mention "The Hills" is a spin off from "Laguna Beach...hope you are all well:)x

Angel W said...

This card is fabulous. LOVE it!

Carolyn King said...

wow...HOW coool!

beate said...

Jennifer, this is beautiful! I can't wait to see the final card! Hugs and smiles

P.S.: Check my blog in an hour or so. I gave you an award, too! LOL