Monday, February 11, 2008

Quick One...

Well, we are officially sick! At least some strange bug has decided to take up residence in our home. Evan went to school today but then came home and promptly tossed his cookies. I have had the worst headache again....not tossing anything...thankfully...and not sure if it's possible but the toffee chocolate does seem to be making me feel a bit better! ;) ...needless to say, there's not much stamping going on!

I did a quick one with my Papertreyink 'Out On A Limb' set. Which I will share with you now...

Such a fun set! I am really loving this set...oh, I've already said that about a thousand times! Sorry....problems with repeating myself over and over!

That's it for now. I was working on a couple of things last night....not quite ready to share....still needs...?...maybe it was the headache! ;)

I am off to play with some stuff! My pre-order just arrived from SU. Man!, that new hodgepodge set is awesome!!!!! I am going to start playing with that first. My hope is to have something to show you all tonight.

Hope you are all having a wonderful night! We are supposed to get snow tonight. I never have faith that our weather team will get it right. Every time I get excited that there will actually be substantial snow, it always passes us by. I really would love to get dumped on by snow tonight! The boys would love it as well. So what do you think?...if they cancel school because of snow does that mean that they will cancel the PTO meeting as well? Nancy is out of town....this will be my first meeting to run....hoping not to completely ruin the whole thing!

Talk to you all soon! Take care!


Carolyn King said...

oh my---hope you all feel better soon. We are all starting to get sick too...its the pits!

I love this card though. So serene and just stunning in its simplicity!
Hugs--feel better soon!

Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

This is so soothing and gentle -- a perfect sympathy card!!!