Sunday, February 10, 2008

Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge

What a weekend! Evan was sick Thursday and Friday....but by the evening we thought all was better. Saturday no probs...both boys had a birthday party Saturday evening...we were on track. Then around 3PM, Evan gets sick all over again! Poor guy! He had to miss the party. The good thing is that nobody else has gotten sick...major miracle!

Well, maybe nobody! I feel terrible today! My head is killing me! Not sure if it's just the lack of sleep over the last week or if I am coming down with something. This is putting quite a crimp in my weekend stamping fun! You know I live for the card challenges! I can add them to yet another reason to look forward to the weekend! By this time I have usually already completed at least two cards! Right now I am feeling lucky to have finished this one! Ugh!

Anyway, I started with Beate's weekend sketch challenge. As I am sooooo late, I'm sure that the rest of you have already finished this one! This one is a little funny to me....not the sketch....the sketch is beautiful!...and check out her card! gorgeous!....but the colors I've chosen....that's what is funny to me! ;)

Last week, Taylor had a color challenge and used four colors that I love on their own but never thought I could pull off together. She had such a beautiful card! Don't ya love it! Imagine my surprise that I actually chose paper that has almost all of the colors in it and that I actually am using it! I bought this paper thinking it was beautiful! I still do. But again, I have a little comfortable place that I don't love to step out of! Anyway, here's what I came up with....

Rub ons are fast becoming a favorite of mine. They make a card really easy! With the way I am feeling today, I needed that! Sorry this isn't over the top for sure! I am going to have to revisit this sketch when I am feeling a little better. It's sooooo cute! Love it!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I am hoping that I will be up for a bit more stamping tonight. I am feeling a little better but still feel a bit like I was struck by a mack truck!

Talk to you all soon!


beate said...

Jennifer, it's gorgeous! Like always!
Thanks so much for playing. Hugs and smiles

okcapitolgirl said...

I love this! The color combo is wonderful! Thanks for sharing! I'm going to add you to my blog list. I'll be back for a visit soon!

Terrie B x said...

This is gorgeous the colour combo`s...Hope you feel a lot better now:)x

Julie Koerber said...

Hey Jennifer, hang in there. Feeling icky is no fun! You did a great card though! Very cute! Love the colors!