Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines For The Boys Classes

Nothing like waiting until the last minute! ;) While doing a quick Target run yesterday, I realized that tomorrow (today now!) was Valentines Day. Yeah, yeah, how can I forget something like that!? Anyway, wouldn't you know that when I finally made my way back to the holiday section of the store they literally had one box of boy Valentines left! This I desperately needed as you can't send any food in to the kids in Carter's of the kids has a peanut allergy. So Carter got the Spiderman Valentines and he attached them to the playdough containers that we got to go with them.

Evan wanted something with candy...who can blame him! He knows there is always some left over...heck, I wanted to make something with candy as well just for that very reason! Thank you Beate! I used her pull treat pouch for all of these. Evan picked the colors...he did a mighty fine job! ;) and the's the final product....

After these, I made one for Carter's teacher. He was already asleep so I got to pick the colors....

So that's how I spent Wednesday night. Today I am working on one more Verve card, another Gina card, and a tutorial of my crabby pail...sorry that one has taken so long....I think I will send it in to SU...I always forget to do that!...and I am going to try and change the shovel and make it hold candy as well...I'm really craving the chocolate!...that will give me a great excuse to buy some M&M's! you really need an excuse for that!, and I need to finish...and by finish I mean gift for Angie.

Gotta run. I will post you all soon!

Take care! :)


beate said...

Wonderful Valentines!!!!

Carolyn King said...

WOW....they are awesome. i love the vibrant fish---wonderful job and i love that they hold playdough.

The teacher card is fantastic too!!!