Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lisa's Card Swap Card

I wanted to share another card swap card. This one is from another great friend of mine, Lisa....ok...Lisa's blog I can actually link! I am on day number 2 of not being able to get onto SCS or any SCS blog for that matter! How very frustrating is this! Lisa's blog has tons of great pictures. She's such a fantabulous well as a great card maker!

I am going to try and post a few more of these today as well as hopefully have something of my own to post. I think Carter is feeling a little better. He fell asleep last night at 5PM! Hayden seems a little better although he woke up at 5AM! Evan feels great! ...I, well, not sure how I am feeling...trying to tell myself I feel great...but in all honesty...that's just not the truth! uhgh!

Post you all soon! ...have a great morning! :)

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Anonymous said...

Aw bless you Jennifer,hope your feeling better now...this card is scrummy:)x