Sunday, February 17, 2008

Quick One For My Workshop

Ok...if you are coming on Monday and don't want to be spoiled you should close this window now! :)

For my next stamp class we are learning how to make ATC cards which will end up being our next card swap. How fun! Well what a great coincidence that Taylor's weekly cupcake challenge involves ATC cards!! Yeahhhhh! Perfect for someone like me who is currently really short on time and wanting to finish everything! know I still have her challenge from last week to work on! Where is my time going!

The sad thing is that nothing is really speaking to me. Then I came across this package of paper, Spring Silhouettes. I'm not sure what really possessed me to buy this. It's pretty but it's not the norm for me. Soft Sky is a fav of mine but the paper is really romantic and while I am a huge fan of romance the paper just didn't seem to fit me. ...and then I saw this sheet and totally fell in love!

Enough of my blabbering! ....I'm trying to fill up enough space so that if anyone from my class checks this out early they will be able to close the window before the surprise is ruined! Hey, some of them really like surprises! Can't stand them myself!

...except for Friday, let me just tell you all how awesome my friends are! My birthday is Tuesday. You may remember that I was telling you about taking a friend to dinner Friday as she is moving soon. Well, the whole thing was a ruse to get me out for my birthday! How sweet is that! I never even guessed what was up! Yeah, I am a bit slow! We had an awesome time...although, we didn't get back until late which is part of the reason I didn't stamp Friday night.

...that should do's the card....

What's with my re-newed interest in the gingham ribbon?! This is the second card in about a week that I used it pretty much the same way...yes, this isn't exactly jumping out of the box...but it needed to be quick and all SU.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I am off to work on something for card swap tomorrow night....nothing like waiting until the last minute! I promise I have been doing lots of stamping...there is a permanent impression of my backside on this chair for sure! I will share all that I have been working on as soon as possible.

Take care and I will post you all soon!

AAAAHHHHH....almost forgot....there is a tutorial for this at SCS that Jen del Muro so graciously posted. But for this tutorial I would never have even known about these things! :)


Anonymous said...

Well I think this card is really beautiful.It all ties is nicely great colours:)xxx

Angel W said...

JUST found your blog and am loving it! Okay if I add you to my blogroll?