Monday, August 11, 2008

Sweet RAK From Linsey

It's a first for me! I have so many new projects on my desk. But I can't show them just yet! Insert sad face here :( I promise that I will start sharing some of them tomorrow. I will share this....I need to find a better place to put the things that I haven't yet photographed...I had one thing all was just waiting for it's home on a's gone. I think that little Hayden liked it so much he ran away with it. Just glad I didn't put the markers away. It was a great color combo. I always forget what I use.

Anyway...I wanted to share a little RAK I received from the super sweet and talented Linsey. Take a look at this.....

This is one of my favorite Gina K sets. LOVE it! How sweet is Linsey! This is from a secret swapper thing that Joanne hosted a bit ago. You know that little bag was full of all sorts of embelli's! I think that Linsey now officially knows what a dork I am as I sent her this screaming...with after I opened it!

...well, the first email came with screaming JOY over just how cute it was! I hadn't opened it because I wanted to take the picture first. I was pretty sure I would botch the ribbon if I didn't! She got a seperate one after that. Yeah, it doesn't take much to get me all happy! ...simple girl....

;) Today is a busy one at the school. Iam looking forward to it being over...don't get me will be tons of fun...but it's like hosting a giant party! I get nervous when I do that kind of thing!

I have lots of stamping for tonight. The boys are back on their school bedtime routine! That is such a good thing! I need an extra couple of hours at night to get caught up! It's always harder when you stop to play games and whatnot in between! They are ready as well. They are both so excited!

Where did the summer go! By the way...I needed a sweater when we were sitting outside last night! What a stark contrast to Utah!

Have a wonderful day! I will post you all soon!

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