Sunday, August 24, 2008

Not Again! that I am not talking about the fact that it's time for another fantabulous Page Plans sketch. I love my weekly sketches. Here's this weeks sketch in fact...'s where you can all say....'NOT AGAIN!' that I mean, yet another Halloween card, yet another pumpkin pie and basic black card, and yet another card with that orange and black ribbon! Ahh! Someone stop her now!


I told you guys I love Halloween! Just wait, in a few weeks I will be sharing pictures of the Buck house decked out to it's spookiest! I did share about the annual challenge didn't I? You know I love a good challenge! Well, one of my neighbors made the mistake of challenging me to see who could be the spookiest. I'm game! So every year we get crazy with it! Halloween is so much fun! I already have so many ideas for this year! I cannot wait! Although, with Hayden now old enough to be scared, I will have to tone it down somewhat. Donna and Heads Up Harry may stay in the storage room until Halloween night when Hayden is asleep! Poor little guy got scared when we walked through Michaels the other day! Hey, I don't want to be responsible for that therapy bill!
Oh...on to the card....

Yeah, there are so many great Halloween colors out there but I only have this ribbon in orange and black. I picked this up from Flower Factory last year. I'm not sure if you guys have one of these stores where you live but if you do you should check it out! Now the ribbon is sort of hit or miss...but when it's hit you get stuff like this! 30 yards of really amazing ribbon that ties beautifully for a mere 3.17 per roll! That's barely 10 cents a yard! Can you even imagine! OHMYGOODNESS you gotta love a good bargain!

...unless you are my blog viewers and get stuck with looking at the same ribbon every day of the week! Ok...not every day but I do realize that's it's my second one in a row for Page Plans. I did just get this stamps set. LOVE the new Spooky Treats II from Papertrey! It got here Friday so it was perfect timing for this sketch. I love the witch up in the corner.

So now it's off to watch to fireworks. Sorry...I am getting this one ready Saturday night and there is a fireworks show going on outside in just a couple of minutes. I will post you all soon! Hope you can all forgive for the overuse of a fabulous ribbon! ;)

Have a great day! :)


IamDerby said...

I just love that card! And I have that set... may have to case this. Beautiful job!

Michelle (aka mybelle101) said...

{Love} these cards! Especially how you used Tiny looks just like turkey feathers!! You're so clever ;)

I left you an award on my blog...because I {heart} your blog ;) {{hugs}}