Sunday, August 3, 2008

Home Again, Home Again...

Happy Sunday morning to you all!

I'm home! Wowza! I'm just going to under prepared was I! Yes, I know there are TONS of Stampin Up demonstrators.... and, yes, I know they were not all at convention.... but there were around SIX THOUSAND there! Holy moly!

Yeah...I really did just expect to walk in and see all of the people that I knew! Reality check! I am so incredibly bummed that I missed so many people! I was a bit late getting there due to my husbands travel, so I missed the SCS dinner. I'm so happy that at least there was someone who was able to take my place. I would hate to waste a spot there! So many super sweet gals there!

There are so many cool and exciting things coming up with Stampin' Up! Can we all say 'Big Mouth Sizzix'! Yup, SU will have it and sooooo many super cute dies! Oh my goodness I am still drooling thinking about it! The new papers are so beautiful! Hodgepodege hardware in vanilla! Oh yeah baby! You can get it in silver and vanilla! I am so excited about that!

Oh...and the new clips and flower in fusion in new can still get the original....the ribbon, the RIBBON! Oh my goodness!

Well, I am still drooling over the catalog! I got to convention just in time to dash over before lunch....pick up my bad full of stamps, the catalog, etc....then run into my first class....then another class...then I hooked up with my upline for my first make and take....I have a sheet of the new alpha chipboard from's sooo cute!

Then it was off to dinner....still no time to look at the catalog.....then quick to the hotel to change for the awards ceremony....super fun!.....Let me just all know Shelli! We see her beautiful face in every catalog. She has the sweetest, warmest smile. She's even sweeter and warmer in person! LOVE her! We were entertained by this fantabulous group Tonic Sol-Fa! These guys are amazing! ....and super funny! I did not have the energy to stand in the LLLLLOOOOOONNNNGGGG line to buy the's a must have! After that I took the long treck back to my hotel.

I was staying at the Marriot's probably about a mile from the convention center. There is also a Marriot just across the street. When I was getting ready to head back to mine after the whole shebang I ended up at the wrong place....then I got lost trying to find of the many times I got lost....but why I decided to where my heels I have no idea! I think because I grabbed a cab on the way there it never occurred to me! Boy were my feet sore once I finally found my way back!

I was toooo tired to check out much in the catalog that night, plus my roomies came back. Dawn and Susannha.....two of the sweetest gals around! My new Stampin UP buds! Well, we chatted for a bit then I was off to sleep. I thought I would snooze a bit in the schedule said that the classes wouldn't start until afternoon but Susannah told me about all of the wow in the morning so I actually drug myself out of bed to go for that. So HAPPY that I did! That's when Shelli shared all of the great new stuff with the Sizzix! Oh my goodness! AMAZING! That's all I can say!

Then a quick dash back to the hotel....I forgot my ID....then a quick dash back to the convention center for lunch with the gals....then....classes....a quick dash back to the hotel to change for the Artisan dinner....yes, I skipped out early for that.....then a quick dash.....NOPE....time to get lost again!....a quick stop into some random business for directions....finally made it back to the convention center just in time to meet and greet and then head to dinner.

We had dinner with Shelli, her hubby Sterling....both so super nice and just adorable together! Brent Steele....if I am not butchering this....he is the head of the concept design stuff at SU....and his beautiful wife....both also so sweet! And two fantabulous concept designers from SU. What an amazing time!

Then for me it was back to the hotel to get some ZZZZ's before my super early flight Saturday morning. I had to rush home due to a business thing my hubby had going on.

Yay....I survived the flight(s)! Yay....I'm so happy to be on solid ground again!

Where are the pictures you ask???? Well, apparently my battery charger is lots somewhere and the camera is out of juice! I will head to the store for a replacement sometime tomorrow....I am still so tired! Last night once Hayden went to bed I took my catalog out to the deck to sit and enjoy the comfortable temp....Utah is HOT!....and browse through all of the new goodies and fell asleep, in my chair in a matter of minutes! One of the boys woke me. I decided I would take a quick nap and then go back to look and woke up this morning at 7:30 in all of my clothes, jewelry, and makeup!

Pictures to come! I took some with my camera so I will have to figure out how to get those in here....and the very sweet Mary Jo is emailing me the picture from dinner. She is even sweeter in person! LOVE her!

That's it for now...except that there is soooo much to love about the new catty....and that is coming from someone who has only seen the accessories and up to the first couple of holiday stamps! LOVE it all so far!

I am off to play with the boys a bit. I will be back to load my Page Plans card....what a fabulous sketch this week! Head on over there for it so you don't have to wait for my lazy, tired self! ....and I am hoping to drool a bit more over my catalog! I cannot wait for the 11th! I NEED this stuff now! I am going to get my Sizzix NOW! That I can get now as a demonstrator. The dies are, well, to die for!

I hope you are all doing well! Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement! I cannot tell you how much it means to me! I am so very proud of myself for getting on those planes. It was so very difficult. You just get flooded with memories. But I am really happy that I did it. It was such a wonderful experience!

Post you all soon! :)


Deborah said...

I got exhausted just reading your adventures! My goodness! They really pack a punch at the SU! convention! It all sounds exciting! Deb

All Pink girl said...

Wow what an amazing time ,no wounder you are so tried xxxxx
it great to have you back ,
missed your cards loads ,Dawnxxx