Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My New Stampin' Buddy

I was off to finish the bid sheets for Fridays silent auction but due to some technical difficulty it will have to wait until tomorrow. So I will post a couple of other things instead. First, as she sits on my desk, my new stampin' buddy....

How funny is that! I had a weak moment with Carter while buying crickets for the frogs today at the pet store. Every time we go he is always asking for a cat or hamster...pretty much any animal there! Today it was this fish. I've actually been looking at them for a little while. So here we are....Truman aka Guppy aka Bella...I think it's a girl. For anyone who doesn't know, Truman is the name that Carter picked out. We have a dog named Truman. Carter also has three frogs...they are all named Truman. Notice a pattern here! ;) Evan, my oldest son, just sort of rolls his eyes so I told them they could each give it a name. Hey, it's a fish! It's not like the thing is going to come when you call it! What can I say, we all have a little bit of an issue in this house. After all, I am also naming the fish! I think it's genetic.

Ok, back to stamping. Here's a little something I did a little while ago. I hope you like it. Pretty basic but this is currently my favorite paper as I'm sure you can tell given I use it all the time!

Thanks so much for looking! I will talk to you all soon!


Andrea, said...

Great card, they are fab papers

MamaDuck said...

Thanks for the post! Your designs are fabulous, as always! Keep up the great work! The fact that you can do any of this with everything else that you do is inspiring!