Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cool Cat Card

Here's a quick one for today. I really wish I had more to post. Yesterday and today have been really crazy. I'm quite sure that Hayden is teething so he's been pretty cranky. In all honesty, I'm amazed he hasn't cut a single tooth yet! Plus, I've been working hard on trying to ween. I'm sure that falls in the 'more than you want to know' category. I am really late with my scans...see the 'I've been tagged' post for more info... I can't have them until Hayden is no longer nursing. I think we are almost there! So now the nerves start to kick in. I'm quite certain I will be getting my scans in the next few weeks so in some ways December will be a really hard month for us.

Ooohh...sorry...how about a card! Something light and free of stress and worry! Thanks for looking and have a great night! :)

1 comment:

Andrea, said...

Fabulous card, I love the colours and that cat is so cool