Friday, November 16, 2007

It's Carnival Night!

Tonights the night we've been building to for the last couple of months. At last it is finally here! Our schools fall carnival! I, along with many others, have been working hard to get everything ready and it's finally here! This has been one of the craziest weeks. So I have not been able to post much of anything. I am really looking forward to posting tomorrow. Saturday will be a lazy day around here! I am planning on sleeping in! Ok....scratch that one off of the list! But I am planning on pretty much doing nothing but playing with the boys and stamping! I just got a new set from Stampin' Up! It's a little something that I am guessing will be in the next catalog. It looks so fun! I can't wait to use it and share it with all of you!

Meanwhile, here's a little something from Meg. Readers of this blog will remember her as my OOC friend. (That's 'out of control'. ) I'm not sure that this picture does this card justice. It is really one of my favorites from Meg. I wanted everyone to be able to see her shrinky frog inside as well as the beautiful cover.

Thanks for looking and I will post you tomorrow!

Have a great night!

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