Monday, October 8, 2007

So here I am posting like crazy... I keep thinking this site is pretty bleak! I really haven't posted much of anything and as I said in my post yesterday, things are pretty crazy around here right now! I was telling a friend of bff as my oldest son says (do second graders really say that?) I was feeling sort of blocked lately. I could here the violin. She after all has FOUR children and can still manage to whip out some pretty dynamic stuff! If only I could measure up! :)'s all said in fun...but for anyone who knows Meg and is part of our little card swap...they know it's true! I need a little of the Meg Magic!

Anyway, in order to make this site a little less bleak...hopefully....I am going to post some old stuff. Hopefully something will grab you fancy! I will give a little description...hopefully the images will be exciting enough to keep you awake through the text!


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