Saturday, October 20, 2007

One of my favs...

Have you ever been so inspired and, regardless of what the outcome, you think it's your best ever? ...feel free to post your own on that. This little card is one of those.

For our June card swap we all had to use our favorite outgoing Stampin' Up! stamp set and/or products. All Mixed Up is definitely one of my favorite sets. That's sort of funny as when I first saw it in the catalog a year ago I wasn't so sure. I thought it was cute and I really liked the example, but that was as far as I could see it go. Since then, I have been inspired! ...i.e. my little Halloween number and this one.

I tease Meg about her patience for the tedious. She will spend hours embossing every little detail or cutting out the tiniest little thing! In the end, I can see why. It always adds the finishing touch to a really cute project. On both of my cards using this stamp set I did the same thing! From cutting out the little hands on my Halloween card to staming the little girls smile upside down. I get it, Meg! ;) Sometimes spending the time on something so small really makes a huge difference!

So here's the card. It's actually three pages. The third page which is not pictured says 'I'll miss you most on rainy days'.

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