Thursday, October 25, 2007

October Card Swap

Ok...I'm thinking I may have finally mastered my Corel Snapfire! Or maybe it's just because I finally realized that the reason it wasn't working entirely was that it hadn't been unlocked yet. One call to Dell and I'm on my way! I can now add text to my images! Woohoo! :) I will say that unless there is more to learn...gee, you wonder?! I can't figure how to get my text any larger than this. It's a bit of a disappointment. Hopefully I'm missing something or I need a new program! I did like how it let me put all of our cards together, though.

....drum roll please!.......

.......................& here they are!!!........

Aren't they fab! This is what keeps me on my toes! This is Diane and Lauren's first swap and they were both embossing! Of course Meg's card is embossed all over the place! Even Bobbi & Lisa's were embossed! It was a night of embossing! Both Jen and Carol had some really cute bat's on their cards!...I'm thinking I need that punch!
I hope you enjoy them. Card swap has been such a great place for great ideas. Love it! Everytime we swap there is something new and something really beautiful to see!
Looking forward to next months!
Take care and have a great night!
edit: I just realized...or am having computer problems...but when I tried to click on this image to enlarge nothing happened. Just in case you have the same problem. The pictures are from left to right and then top to bottom....Jennifer S, Bobbi, Lauren, Carol, Meg, Diane, Lisa. I'm thinking I don't really like my computer program after all. At least not for this type of thing. Please if you a program you really like, post it for me! Thanks! :)

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