Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stalking the UPS Man

So....yes, I'm a stalker! Usually this only happens once a year. Specifically during the month of June. I was preparing myself for it occurring twice a year now with the Stampin' Up! catalog coming out twice a year. But now, with an idea brewing in my head and a stamp set on the way, I am stalking once again! What's worse....tomorrow is Halloween!

Generally I think this is a great time of year. It's fall! This is absolutely my favorite season here. It's, in my opinion, the most beautiful. I love decorating and I love taking the boys trick-or-treating. This, however, is also why this is a bit of a bummer!

While I have my card stock cut and ready to go, I am anxiously waiting for my new stamp set to complete my project. How frustrating! It's still such a shock that there is actually a stamp set that I have yet to purchase! With as many as I have stacked and waiting to be placed on ebay, it's a shocker that there is nothing else that would work!

What can I say, nothing is screaming to me like Glorious Garlands this week!

For this, I apologize! Hayden is actually sleeping. I currently have nothing but time, and yet I am not posting anything!

Stay tuned! My hope is to post not only my card tomorrow but also the scrapbook page that is completed and waiting the costume picture from the boys. If all goes well, I will have at least two projects to post tomorrow!

***fingers crossed!!!

See you tomorrow and Happy Stampin'!

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