Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One More Quick Papertrey...And An Update...

Hey you guys! Feels kind of like I fell off the face of the earth. This has been the craziest of days. I've had about a billion and one things to do before I leave for CHA...nope I'm not gone yet! I'm getting so excited I cannot even tell you! How exciting to meet so many of the wonderful friends I have made in real life! I am bringing my camera and will take so many pictures to share. I'm guessing there will be some pictures of at least some of the exciting new items out there! I'm pretty excited about seeing all of that as well!

A couple of things....first how excited was I when I went to Nichole Heady's blog this morning and saw my Halloween set received an honorable mention from this months contest! Wowza! I floated on a cloud all day! All of the projects are amazing! usual! I so love seeing what everyone comes up with each month.

Next...I'm so excited that I will soon be teaching classes over at my LSS. Woohoo! How excited was I about this! I cannot tell you! My first class will be in October! Very exciting!

Ok...I was going to post something with my new Stampin Up....but then what with the Papertrey thing and all...I decided to post something with their stamps. Somehow....I have NO idea how! But somehow I never posted my entry from last months contest! How is that even possible!? No, I'm not holding out on you. I think I just completely forgot!

Anyway, this is a little baby scrapbook I made using the Bitty Baby Blessings stamp set and paper.

The first two pages look like this.....The next two look like this....I will confess that this is a favorite of mine. The cover has a slight smudge.....Hayden. I was pressed for time and didn't have a chance to fix it. Talk about being bummed! Oh well, I need to keep a better eye on the finished stuff!

Anyway, I am off to bed! It's been a long day! My MIL will be here tomorrow to help with the kids while I am gone. I will be posting while there. I am scheduling both my card for Sharon's challenge on Friday and my Page Plans card for Sunday. I will also try and check in while in Chicago to give you guys updates on all of the goodies and share some pictures.

I hope you all have a wonderful night! I will post you soon! :)


Lesli said...

I hope you have a great time at CHA - did you know Renee' and Jennifer from Page Plans will also be there? I hope you get to say hi - wish I was going!

Beautiful projects :)

Ravengirl said...

I did see your honorable mention and CONGRATs on that! Great projects as always! Have a wonderful time at CHA!

Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

Such a darling scrapbook, Jennifer. . and congrats on the honorable mention! I LOVED your Halloween set!