Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Card That Microsoft Built

heehee!....last night I decided to waste yet another 12 hours of my life trying to get help fixing my email problem. I thought I would go straight to the online support at Dell because...did you know they can commandeer your computer and work on it? Man, that's so cool! And easy...or so I thought.

After waiting for about 15 minutes for my turn I was told I needed to contact Microsoft. Have you ever sat on hold waiting for help there! It takes forever! Of course, then I had to go through the whole thing all over again...not just once but twice! But finally someone gets on the phone to help me. After 45 minutes of trying to figure things out he asks if I will give him control of my computer. Will I!!!! Why the heck didn't he just say that to begin with! I have no problem with that!

Anyway, the whole time I am working on a card. Using...Bliss & Birdie...yet again! It was sitting on my desk and the sentiment 'Don't Cry' was staring right at me so there you go! That's what I kept saying to myself as I was waiting for some resolution!

Here's the card...

Sad turns out it has something to do with an update with my Virus software. And wouldn't you believe it! I have to contact them! Holy heck! I don't even think I can handle one more minute of this! Maybe they can take over my computer and just fix the whole thing!

Thanks so much by the way to each of you for your honest input about the three column thingy. I never could figure out how to change the spacing of the columns. This morning I went back to two. I like the idea of three. I've seen it on so many and love how it looks but they are usually not using blogger. I was able to figure out how to do the stretch with the same colors as before. I'm feeling like a computer whiz at this point! Of course it will all be forgotten in no time flat!

And I'm off! I didn't get to do any blog surfing last night. I didn't get to go through the tons of email that was pulled last night. Somehow I have so much to fit into this beautiful summer day!

And lucky #2...Ravengirl is the winner of my random draw. Thanks so much you guys! I really appreciate your help! Be sure and send me your deets Ravengirl so that I can send you this fun stamp set!

Have a great one! :)


Ravengirl said...

Sending you my info via e-mail! Hope your e-mail trouble is now over!

Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

Jennifer, I LOVE everything you've posted lately. . .that scrapbook page is ADORABLE! I am so far behind in commenting trying to get ready for vacation! HOpe you're doing well! Beautiful work!

M@risk@ said...

Your cards are stunning again. Love the "Sweet" one and the cowboy layout is super. TFS

Sharon said...

Hi Jennifer
More lovely cards. I especially like the candy bar one.
My fabulous candy arrived today & what a lovely surprise to find the Stampin Up set as well. You really are generous.
Thank you again.
Sharon :-)x

Laura said...

dang, computer problems STINK. but your card is CUTE!!! :) does that make it worth it at all???? ;)

tmkarobelle said...

I feel for you! I have to say, you have a way with words. I was laughing from the moment I saw the title of the post through comadeering of your computer, and the "Will I!!" statement. What happened to you is NOT funny, the way you told the story was comical. Thanks for the oh-so-relatable story, and storytelling!

You should frame this card. The "Don't Cry" sentiment is perfect for the situation and the card.

I LOVE the card, too! I like how you have a black and white concentration with the roses colored in. The feel of the card is fantastic!

I LOVE your blog! Keeps me entertained. :)


~amy~ said...

FUN card! Computer probs stink..hope everything is okay now:)

Lori Craig said...

This is so pretty...I love all your elements: the stick pin, the stitching, the colors! Gorgeous, girl!