Thursday, July 3, 2008

More From The Grove

Hello everyone! I'm happy to report that my computer is fixed! ...but my TV broke last night! What are the odds! It's another Dell...and I'm not an employee...but I will say that their customer service is great. The thing is just outside of the warranty gut they are going to replace it. Happy day! ...and I only had to hold for 38 minutes before getting an operator! ;) I should start keeping a tab...I bet I have spent at least 3 straight days doing this over this last week!

On to fun stuff...another card and some BLOG CANDY! Here's another using Giggle Grove. I really love this set. I can't get enough of it! Here's my card...

Now...on to the BLOG CANDY! heee hee...sorry...I know...I need help!

Head on over to the Unity Blog and you will be able to enter to win Be the Change, Everlasting Romance, and Flower Parade. Holy Moly! How cool is that! ...enter once for me! ;) ...ok, and then you can make the call to the proper authorities!...I obviously have issues! ;)

Sorry...I blame it on all of the hold time! You can only take so much of the music...and the constant updates....but it's all good!

Ok...we are off to Hobby Lobby....but 'We'll Be Baaacck'.

Have a great one! :)


Jackie said...

Fab card as usual Jennifer. I've given you an award, the details are on my blog.
Glad you are now in back in the land of the living!

joslyn said...

love the giggle card. i love how you placed the trees.