Thursday, July 31, 2008

Flip Flop...Unity's Project Of The Week...

Wowza! They actually trusted me with a project of the week! Ok...don't let on that I have NO idea what I am doing! ;) I go trying to seem all knowledgable and stuff!

This project is inspired by Angela, Brooke, and AJ...can I get a Flip FLOP!...ok...I guess Chris and Ryan are responsible for the whole Hip Hop...but the gals turned it into Flip Flop. These guys are a RIOT!

This should be an easy one for all of you Unity stamp owners out there. You know those cute little wooden tags that come attached to your stamps? Well, we are going to make a little 'flip FLOP' book out of them.

...and here's the skinny....

Supplies needed:

1.) Printer Paper
2.) Book ring
3.) Two Unity wooden tags
4.) Red sticky tape and other adhesive
5.) paper and embellis
6.) Stapler

With me so far...told ya I was easy!

1.) Take some printer paper and cut it into strips that measure 3 X 3 3/8. Can as much as you would like for your book. Hey...I'm easy...make it as big or little as you would like.

2.) Now take a piece of card stock that measures 3 3/8 X 1 3/4 and fold this in half. This sheet will staple to the top of the printer paper you just cut. Set this aside.
3.) Now you want to embellish your wooden tags. I will play the elevator music now while you do yours. Hey, I figure you guys know how you like it. Just pick back up when you are ready....

...groovy tune, don't you think.....

4.) I covered mine with some awesome Cosmo Cricket paper. I so LOVE this paper! First I cut a piece that was slightly larger than my wooden tag...then I sanded down the sides to make it fit.

I'm using Flip For Fun....get it...'Flip'.....dork alert!

5.) I also used my silent setter to punch holes in the top of the tags...they are already there on the wooden ones. After you cover one side with your decorative paper punch the hole so that you have that for a guide with the other side.
6.) Now use your sticky strip to put your paper on one of the tags.
7.) Attach your book ring to both sides.

8.) Finish with a little ribbon...and viola!'s pretty close to being's just really slapping some paper on the thing. How easy can you be!
I hope y'all get a chance to play. You know you've got those Unity tags just lying around screaming for some love! Why not put the stamps and the wood to use! When you are finished you will have a super cute little 'flip FLOP' notepad ready for your purse or car. I know I am always in need of something to write on! Now maybe I can give my hand a break! Do you know how often I write on it! More than I would care to admit!
Hope you are all doing well! I look forward to posting you soon! From convention if all goes well! Hey! I'm not going to promise that one again! I was sure that I would be able to in Chicago and we know how that went! I will promise that I have posts scheduled for the next few days. When I get back I will hopefully have lots of great pictures to share from Utah. ...I still can't believe I am going to fly! Freaking out just thinking about it!
Have a good one!

Can I get a flip FLOP!


Ravengirl said...

I like it! I will have to try it when my new Unity stamps get here! You had some wonderful stuff that you shared during the release party! Have a great time at Convention! I can't wait to hear about your experience of Shelli Gardner!

Jess said...

What a great project! Can't wait to hear about convention!

Kimberly said...

cute idea!! tfs! :)

Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

What an adorable project -- LOVE it!!!

Brooke said...

girl.. you crack me up! i was laughing reading your tutorial... and thank you for inserting the elevator music time... i played some rockin tunes! ;)
Adorable FLIP FLOP book.. i love it and will be making one SOON! thanks for a fab idea Jen!!!