Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And Another Take On Page Plans....

Wednesday...hump day! I can't believe it's the middle of the week already! Where does the time go!?

So how fab is this weeks Page Plans sketch! You know I love it! Well this week I made a second card. I will warn, not that it will burn your corneas...;) ...but that it will make you wonder what month it is! :)
I have this really cool stamp set that I purchased so long ago I can't even remember! I bought it because it was just the cutest thing ever! The that point I hated to color! ...Anything! When I bought this set I wanted one step stamping but it was so stinkin cute I couldn't resist! Now I am a color junky! ...which makes me oh so happy I still have this set! ...and now it's finally mounted and used! Just wait till Halloween rolls around! I have big ideas for this set! ;)

Meanwhile...let's have a little Halloween in April...hey...I've shared my photo of Donna and Heads Up Harry haven't I? If you weren't around then you have to check out this post if you have a chance....look'll find a picture of both Harry & Donna at this post. I will share that on our street we have a little contest with the neighbors to see who can have the scariest house. This year, we added Donna and Harry to our collection...yeah....I think it put us over the top! ...all of the little kids said so anyway...hey...I scare faster than they do! ;) I also had a great time scaring my husband with Donna. She's really creepy! one night when he was getting home from a trip I snuck her into our room...Yeah...he screamed when he got up to go to the bathroom that night! It was totally worth waking the baby up!

Ok...this post is telling more about myself than I probably should! ...It was hysterical though! We still talk about it! I think the funniest part is that I was able to get him with her more than once! We store her in the storage room in the dh's defense she is really creepy! I had to cover her up because it's shocking to walk in and see her there. I keep waiting for him to get her out of storage and get me back...Let's just hope he doesn't! Can we all say heart attack!

Back to the card....this is from the Best Friends stamp set from Stampin UP. It really has been such a long time ago...I can't even remember when this was offered! it is....

Ok...first...I am such a huge addict....newly for sure...of sewing on cards! I have been faux stitching for such a long time but there is such a huge difference when you really sew on a card. Well...I don't have that Jenome mini sewing machine so I still have to pull my huge! machine out everytime I want to stitch and it has been just about everytime I make a card lately! How about that crazy stitch! I loved it! It really goes well with this little Franky!

I took an upclose photo to show off Franky's sparkly eyes...

How do you like those yellow whites! I especially like the blood red heart on his shirt! I achieved this by first coloring it with my R46 copic and then going over that with my black spica pen. Ok...I started out as a goof but really ended up working! Just go with it! That's my philosophy!

So what do you think? Have you guys tried this sketch yet? It's a fun one!

That's it for now. Man, I've been a stamping fool this week! ...and I have more to share! Can't wait!

Hope your Wednesday is just fantabulous! I am off to catch up around here! There always seems to be so much to do!

I look forward to posting you all soon! Take care and have a fantastic day!

Here's a list of supplies used:

1.) Best Friends stamp set from Stampin UP
2.) Designer paper from Stampin UP
3.) Green Galore card stock SU
4.) Whisper White card stock SU
5.) Linen thread SU
6.) Glitter dots from Gina K
7.) Basic Black ink SU
8.) Copic markers YG03, G14, YR04, YR07, R46, B21, B23, B24, C1, C5, Y08
9.) Spica Pens; gold, black

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One Verve Sketch Three Ways

There is this fab sketch over at Verve...yes, a contest is involved...the winner will be the guest designer for the month of June. Well, win or not this is a fun sketch and you know me...I'm a sucker for a great sketch! LOVE sketches! I love seeing all of the different interpretations and I love coming up with my own!

So while playing with this sketch I came up with three different cards that I really like. You can check the sketch out over at Julee Tilman's blog or at her Verve blog. Well, when I first saw the sketch I wanted to flip it and turn it into a mailbox. I really love when a sketch just 'looks' like something to me. Love it! Well here's how that one turned out....
The 'mailbox' even opens.... funny is it that there was only a one dollar bill in my wallet! I never have cash! :)

So then I had this great idea for turning a star into a flower. The trouble is once the 'flower' was created it looked really Christmas'y' so I had to turn it into a Christmas card. Here is that one...

...and finally...I had to use my heart stamp. I really love the heart from this set. It's spring and so I turned to pinks and greens. I had the perfect pink pearls for this one. Here's my final card...

So that's it. What a fantabulous sketch! This one I will definitely use again!

Thanks for stopping by! I am off to...well...clean my desk! You wouldn't believe how trashed it is! I look forward to posting you all soon!

Have a great night! ;)

It's Time For Beate's Inspiration Challenge!

It's Tuesday and that means .... Beate's inspiration challenge!...BIC11 ....Woohoo! I so love Beate's challenges! Her inspiration challenges are a huge favorite of mine. Let's face's inspiration! can go in so many different directions with each piece...there is no wrong way! LOVE that!'s a good thing...because for today's challenge I have the cute and the 'what the heck was she smoking last night' to share with you. heard it right! Sometimes I amaze even myself at what I will share with you guys!

Ok...I will start with sharing the inspiration piece....

How cute is this! LOVE it! You know...Beate really has a knack for choosing some really fun pieces! She really helps to get me thinking!

Here is my first card which is pretty basic and yes...EPLS...(easy peasy lemon squeezy)...

My first thought was engagement and that led to one of my favorite Pink Petticoat images which led to this card. I love the yellow and I added the pink and green to pick up some of the other colors from the card. I also used my Papertrey paper and ribbon because the yellow was sitting on my desk and quite frankly it was screaming at me!

ok...that statement and the next card will confirm that I am ready for the rubber room! ;)
The other thing that screamed at me from this card was just of this led to disco ball...YES...I felt the need to try and create a disco ball! Ahhh!

Ok...either pull out your sunglasses or avert your eyes now!'ve been warned....;) Here's my second card....

I'm so very sorry! I hope that I haven't burned your corneas. What can I say...if you are a regular here you know that sometimes I get a wild hair and there just is no stopping myself! ...for better or worse! My boys loved it! "It's sooo shiny"...that's what they keep saying and they are literally fighting over who gets to hold it! How stinking funny is that! ...guess I should have made two!

Whew...moving on! I can't wait to see what you all come up with! Be sure and check out the rest of Beate's BIC team. You know these gals rock! They are wildly talented!

Charmaine Ikach

Danielle Lounds

Dawn McVey

Silke Ledlow

Susan Roberts

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to posting you all real soon!

Monday, April 28, 2008

My Very Awesome RAK From The Fantabulous Jackie Western

How's that for the longest title! ...hey....this is the sweetest RAK! I'm quite sure that you are all familiar with Jackie...isn't she such a sweetie! I just love her! :) Well, how excited was I when I found this little something in my mailbox...

...and check out a close up of that super cute key chain....

Wow! How super cute is that! This is just the cutest thing! Thank you so very much, Jackie! You rock! You are such a sweet friend!

...isn't she wildly talented! Too cute!

Hope you are all having a great night and I will post you soon! :)

Another Card Swap Reject you know I think I'm funny when I say that...the reject comment. I really like this card...I don't dislike it at all! I actually ended up thinking it just looked too much like something I had done in the past and wanted something different for the Gina K swap. You see, old olive is one of my favorite greens. In fact, when I need green I usually reach for this one. ...and I love green so I use old olive all the time! Pretty soon it all runs together for me!

Anyhoo...this is the first card I did for the Gina K swap and then decided I needed to do something different. ...this one has been sitting on my desk and I figured I better get a picture and show you guys before I send it to someone or it gets all mucked up...little fingers like to do the walking on this desk!

This card screams OOC to me...that would be because I did the stitching by hand! ***shaking my head*** ...and I have definitely been on a pinwheel kick. They're so cute and they scream spring to me.

That's it for now. I am off to get a few things done around here and I have to dash up to the school to get some stuff done there as well today. I hope that you are all having a great one!

I will post you all soon! :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's Time For Another Page Plans Sketch!

Well it's Sunday and that means another Page Plans sketch reveal! This was such a super fun sketch!

Here's this weeks sketch created by the fabulous Lesli Asay...
So what do you think? Is it getting your creative juices flowing? You know, I think there are so many different options with this sketch. I am going to share one of my cards today and then on Wednesday Chris and Lesli will be sharing a few more and I will share another one then.

Here's my first card using this sketch...

Can I tell you how much I love pink??? I really do love pink. It's one of my favorite colors and it just shows with this card. This is another Papertrey card basically! I used both my Green Thumb and my Boxes, Bags & Tags sets for this card. I also used my Pink Patterns paper as well as Sweet Blush card stock. I used Sweet Blush and Spring Moss ink and Sweet Blush satin ribbon. The sentiment was stamped in Basic Black ink from Stampin Up...oh, and the white card stock is whisper white and I used Kraft card stock from SU. The pearls are random from my LSS.

That's pretty much it. I love the pink! Love it! ...and I love this sketch!

Don't forget that there is a contest using this sketch! Be sure and post a link over at Page Plans letting Chris and Lesli know where you've posted your card using this sketch so that you can be entered in the drawing. You must post your card by Saturday to be elligible for the drawing! I can't wait to see what you all come up with! You guys had some awesome cards last week! Wow! That was some amazing eye candy!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day and fantabulous weekend! I look forward to posting you soon! :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge

It's time for Beate's weekend sketch challenge! ...being the sketch junkie that I am, you know I have a hard time passing on a sketch! ...and Beate's sketches rock!

This week I decided to combine both Beate's inspiration piece from Tuesday and her weekend sketch challenge. I really love this weeks inspiration piece. It reminds me of a summer day. I stuck with the same colors and papers from my card on Tuesday and combined my Papertrey set with the gardening boots because gardening is my favorite summertime thing!

Here's what I came up with....Hope you are all having a great day! We started off pretty cold here but it's just beautiful now! I am heading out for a bike ride with the boys and will be back shortly to check out all of your blogs! I can't wait to see what you've all been up to!

Take care and I will post you soon!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Papertrey's Blog Hop

Papertrey hosted a blog hop tonight and there was such a fun challenge! To participate you had to print out a sheet that had 1 1/2 inch squares of the new designer papers. Well, I must confess this really got the creative juices pumping!

I'm only bummed that I will have to take the blog tour tomorrow...we have friends over tonight and it's just not going to happen this evening but I so cannot wait to see what everyone came up with!

Here's what I created....

I actually printed out the sheet twice because I wanted the striped paper for the main background. I hope that's not cheating. Then I used the Pond of Life set for the frog and sentiment. This is a new favorite stamp set for me! I love the little frog and it fits perfectly in this house of all boys!

How fun is this! Thanks for stopping by! I can't wait to see all of your creations!

Hope you are all having a great night! Take care and happy stamping! :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008


LOL....(an easy peasy lemon squeezy for a stamp simply challenge)...get it???...

...Yes, I am a dork! But I am ok with my dorky-ness. Truly...I came to terms with that a long, long time ago! :) all seriousness...:)...It's time for Sharon's Stamp Simply Challenge! Wooohoooo!

Who's excited! I AM! This is the coolest challenge! This week we are to 'think outside the box'. Specifically, we need to use a stamp in a way that it wasn't intended. Like here....

I actually did this one a while back. I took a heart from a Verve Visual set and turned it into a puppy.

How about this one....Yeah, I know, you just saw this one not too long ago. I used the party hats from a Papertrey birthday stamp set to create an American Flag for this one. ...this is a hint as to what's coming...

...and then there's this one....The heart became the 'V' for the word Love.... I know that you've all probably seen these can all see why I was jumping for joy when I read about Sharon's challenge! I LOVE doing things like this! I guess I feel a bit like a rebel when I use something the way it wasn't originally intended...see!...I told you I was a dork! That just goes to show that I don't really live on the edge much in real life! But when I stamp! I throw caution to the wind! :)

...and here is what I came up with just especially for Sharon's challenge this week!.....and this is an EPLS....

I used the same birthday set from Papertrey to make some candy corn for this card. I don't know...these triangles really speak to me. I've now created the flag, candy corn, and a flower. This is a really versatile set!

So how much fun is this challenge! I hope you will all play along! I can't wait to see what you come up with! ...don't forget to check out the rest of Sharon's team. These gals rock!

Julie Koerber

Dee Jackson

Tammy Hershberger

Janine Orchard

Becky Oehlers

I hope you are all having a great day! I am off. Much to do today! I look forward to posting you all very soon and to checking out your fantabulous creations for this fun, fun challenge!

Take care and have a great one! ;)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's Time For Beate's Inspiration Challenge! :)

How excited am I to be playing with Beate’s inspiration challenge! …and such a beautiful inspiration piece! Take a gander at this….
How beautiful is that! I must confess that there are so many different things that inspire me from this piece...the colors, the flowers....the fact that it totally looks like a beautiful summer day! I am going to share the direction my vision would take me with the supplies that I had on hand....I really need to do some serious inventory....I'm out of everything!!! ;)

Here’s my card for the fun challenge….

I have never used this stamp but I thought it fit perfectly with the flowers from the print. I also loved the colors so I stuck with them as well. This flower is from the Heartfelt Thanks set from Stampin' Up. I actually had to mount this set to make this card! I remember buying it whenever and it has just been sitting in my cabinet gathering dust ever since! I really should be ashamed! It's a really pretty set.

Be sure and check out the rest of Beate's Inspiration Team...these gals really rock!
Charmain Ikach
Danielle Lounds
Dawn McVey
Silke Ledlow
Susan Roberts

I hope you are all having a great day! It's going to be another crazy one here! I think we've had baseball practice or games every day! I really love baseball but wow! I need some rest!
Post you all soon! :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's Page Plans First Reveal!

What an exciting day over at Page Plans! Chris and Lesli have put together a fabulous new page full of great sketch ideas to get the creative juices flowing! You know I love sketches! I'm such a sketch junkie!

Well today is the exciting reveal day! We were given some super fun sketches to create a card and scrapbook page. Here's the card sketch created by the ultra talented Chris Ross...

Isn't that a fun sketch! I couldn't wait to pull out my nestibilities for this one! ...and I had the perfect Basic Grey paper....and then there was my GinaK stamp.....

Here's what I came up with...

I hope you all check out the rest of the examples they are fabulous! I hope you give this sketch a try. It was really a fun one to play with!

Thanks for stopping by today! I will post you all soon! :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's Time For A Stamp Simply Challenge!

You all know how much I love Sharon Johnson! When I first found her challenges I was so know I tend to overthink and make things much harder than they need to be! How refreshing to 'Stamp Simply'. You know that simple or not, Sharon's creations are always beautiful! That's one talented cookie!

This weeks challenge is to use black as an accent to a card. Ooohhhh....I knew I loved this one when I heard it! I pulled out an oldie stamp...but one of my favorite oldie stamps for this one....

This is from the Laundry Notes stamp set from Stampin' Up! Do you guys remember this one? I knew when I saw it I had to have it! Retired or not, I just don't think I can part with this one. It's a fav. I colored it with my copic markers and for the flowers on the legs I used my spica there is a bit of sparkle...but the photo of course doesn't do that part justice...Throw in some flower fusion and then add some black card stock to my decorative paper and black buttons, brads, and gems to my flowers and voila! Love how that black makes the whole thing just pop! What an awesome challenge!

I took a closeup so that you could read the sentiment. What a riot! ...still can't really see the glitter though....***shrugging my shoulders...what do you do?

For more inspiration check out the rest of Sharon's Stamp Simply Team. Wowza! They're just gorgeous!

Julie Koerber

Tammy Hershberger

Dee Jackson

Janine Orchard

Becky Oehlers

I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I will post you all soon! :)

Some Exciting News!

Well, I'm really excited to be doing some design work for a new blog called Page Plans. This is a new site dedicated to sketches for scrapbooking and cardmaking. I'm so very excited to get this opportunity! Thanks so much for all of your kind words! You guys are sooo sweet! :)

I'm off to finish up a little card which I will be posting very soon and I will see you all soon! Take care! :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Quick Post Before A Crazy Day! ;)

Goodmorning to you all!

I have quite the crazy day scheduled today! I've got some volunteer stuff so I will be gone for pretty much the entire day. This type of thing gets more and more interesting the older Hayden gets! do what you've gotta do!

I wanted to share one with you before I go just in case I run out of time today. I made this one this weekend. I really love this stamp set. It's from Papertrey Ink. Such a fun set!

Fun colors, paper and such a fun stamp! ...simple, simple, simple card! :) Gotta love that! I love EPLS!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will post you soon!

Take care! :)

Quick edit: Just got home....and was so very excited to see my card listed on Nicole's blog for an honorable mention. I cannot tell you just how honored I feel to be listed with such a talented group of stampers. Wow! That is truly such an honor! :) Thank you all so much for your kind words! What a nice welcome home! Once I shook off the dust I checked email and it was filled with such wonderful messages. You are all such awesome blogging friends! Thanks so much for making my day! Have a good one! :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

My Very First 4th of July Card truly is. I'm thinking back...and....nothing. I've never made a patriotic card before ever! How is that possible? So I was playing around with my Papertrey It's A Celebration set and this is what I came up with...

I think it turned out kind of cute. I really love the colors. I am so very glad that they will have this color...I hope for a long time since SU's soft sky will retire in June. I love this shade of blue. it's a fav of mine!

So this is my second card for Sharon's No Time To Stamp glitter challenge. I was just not happy with the spica on the other card. It's really pretty in person but to photo....well you just can't see the sparkle. I thought that was a bit of a bummer.

Thanks so much for stopping by...I am off to enjoy our first day back to school. By that I mean try and play catch up around here! One note...please make sure you page down to the next post...that's where the winners of the blog candy are announced. I'm not sure when I am going to be able to post again today so I wanted to get it all in this morning.

Have a great one! I will post you soon! :)

And The Winner Is.....

Today's the day! I still can't believe that I hit 20K hits! That still just amazes me! So I plugged all of your names into my little randomizer...

And the winner is....


Please send me an email with all of your deets so that I can send you this little package. Congrats to you girl! I hope you enjoy! true to form...I never imagined there would be so many entries! I have a little something for a second and third place as each will get some ribbon and a mini stamp. So Veronica from over at Too Excited to Sleep and Melissa(...who posted "It's no wonder you hit 20,000. . .your creations are gorgeous and full of great ideas. I love scanning over your old posts because there's just so much to absorb it all the first time around.") Thanks for the chance to win! please email me your info as well so that I can send this off to you!

Thanks so much to each of you for coming by and leaving such sweet comments. I am so grateful. You guys rock!

So how bout we do this again at 40K...ok, ok...a bit presumptuous...but stranger things have happened! ;)

Take care and I will post you soon!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge & Everything You Didn't Want To Know About A Toad

Well...finally finished...actually it's been sitting on my desk for about 5 hours. We've had an insane day! Today is officially the final day of spring break. Tomorrow! (woohoo!) I'm sorry...but I think we all need a break from the fun! ;) Although, I am really ready for summer! It's been really fun spending more time together.

By the way! You know, I think I told you guys that we have 6 frogs! ...ok...5 now...and they aren't really frogs, they are fire belly toads. Did you know there was a difference between frogs and toads? If you did I am really impressed...and a little weirded out...just kidding! ;) I do know that frogs stick out their tongues to eat while toads just, well, eat their mouth, grab the food and eat. Oh...and the food of course is live crickets. Yes, I have issues with that. Number one because it's totally disgusting but number two because yes, I feel really bad for the little crickets. The crickets?!! Whatever...

So here's are funny story about our little toads...

The other day at bedtime, Evan asks me if it's ok to take the frog...toad or not we always say frog...tank out of his room. When I ask him why he tells me they are too loud at night. Now here's what I, at this point am finding strange...I have yet to hear them make any sounds. This is another difference apparently, because they do not croak like frogs do. When I ask him what sound they are making he can't really duplicate...hey, he's only I make a mental note to listen for the frogs but tell him that I can't move the tank back and forth because they would miss him...again...he's only 8....and I realize I am the worlds worst mom at this liar! But are you going to be moving a 15 gallon tank filled with gravel and water back and forth from his room every day? I'm so not!

When I get into his room to tuck him in I hear the stangest sound. Not quite a almost sounded like there were ducks outside his window. Ev. meanwhile is covering his head and getting ready to go to sleep. I ask what's up with the blanket and he explains that the frogs are freaking him out basically...and I realize that that is the 'duck' sound I am hearing! The frogs sound a bit like ducks!

Well after waiting in his bed with him for him to fall asleep I head to the computer to investigate. Did you know that fire belly toads make this 'chirping' sound when they are mating! If you are really ambitious in fact, I found out just how you can breed them in captivity! Aye! Ohmygoodness! Well, that explains why one of them is always climbing on to the other. I thought the little guy was just trying to get more crickets. Who knew!

All together now....EEWWWWWW!!!!!!

Moving on....Here's my card for Beate's weekend sketch challenge. I really love this sketch and yet I feel like I didn't come close to doing it justice. I was determined to use my Define Your Life stamp set and when I chose the 'unique' definition I was determined to add the letter 'U'...and then I was determined to use my little sticky letter and attach it to my close to cocoa card stock and then cover it with micro beads because it totally looks like it's covered in sugar! Why I thought that was appropriate for the word 'unique' I have no idea! Just smile and nod....

So here's the card...I started out using a different color combo but then decided I had to do the close to cocoa with the micro beads and this is where I ended up. Well...that's all I have for now. I look forward to posting more for you tomorrow. Tomorrow is the one day this week that I know we have nothing going on! I am so looking forward to a little nap after taking the boys to school in the morning. I need it!

Have a wonderful evening and I will post you soon!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pink...Pink Petticoat

Last night I finished this little's easy peasy lemon squeezy....EPLS....
...well, I've already told you that it's EPLS...It's also a quick version of a sketch that Julie linked on her blog this past week. It's from Chris over at Just Me. Chris and her friend Leslie are starting a new blog of sketches. How cool is that!

Anyway, I think this also fits with Sharon's challenge as I glittered the little bug and the petals of the flower. I may have cheated though as I used my spica pen to do the job. I do so love the spica! I am going to do another for Sharon's challenge as well...I love glitter! The problem with the spica for me is that when I photograph it, it's hard to see the shine. I am going to combine Beate's WSC with Sharon's glitter challenge and use real glitter! I think I already know what I am going to do. I am hoping that I will have a chance before this evening to work on it. We will see how the day goes.

Well I'm off to find some sudaphed. I am in desperate need! I will post you all soon! I hope that your Saturday is awesome so far! It's gotten cold here again! Bummer! But I don't feel much like going out anyway!

Have a good one! :)

Tag, Your It! ;)

The very sweet Jackie tagged me the other day! She is such a sweetie! ...and super talented to! So here we go...

Rules: Link to the person that tagged you (Jackie) and post the rules to your blog; share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog, we all want to know them; Tag seven random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs; Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Well...I think I got a similar tag sometime's I will include something new...hmmmm

1.) I love working in the dirt. Plants/flowers are a passion. I look forward to everything blooming in the spring and then spend tons of time pruning, watering, and ...well...just staring all summer long!

2.) I was a speech pathology major in college...but my actual profession was flight attendant! Do you know how many of them actually have degrees in some other profession?! Tons! The benefits were awesome...the travel was great...! Well...until the plane crash! ...see previous tag...

3.) If I could I would sleep until at least 10 every morning! I really am not a morning person at all!

4.) I really wish that hamburgers and french fries were considered health food. I am a burger junkie...I would much prefer that to just about anything else...but I mean a really good burger. Have you been to Ted's? Or Fuddruckers?...I so wish we had a Fuddruckers here! I don't eat these very often so I want it to be great when I do! I took the boys to lunch the other day and we decided to try a new restaraunt that claimed to have 'gourmet' burgers. Ha! They stunk! Well...the burger was ok...but the french fries were gross and that ruins the whole thing for's the whole experience...

5.) I'm a whack job! See above confession...

6.) My favorite book in the entire world is A Prayer For Owen Meany by John Irving. If you haven't already, I highly recommend reading this one. It's just so awesome! I've read it soo many times! When I was flying it was my standby...I always had a copy in my bag. If someone asked about it I would give it to them so that they could read it. They usually asked because I would start laughing out loud at something I was reading! See above confession...'s an awesome book!

7.) Did I tell you guys that I met my husband on a blind date? Yup...we met for lunch at a little Mexican joint where we used to live. He went back to the office and told his secretary that he was going to marry me.

So now to tag some of you....for this one I am going to pick 7 people who have posted for the blog candy....which...I can't believe has sooo many posts! You guys are soo awesome! I would love to find out more about you!

So there's my list of 7 of you. It's been so awesome reading all of your posts. You all make my day! I so love sharing with you guys and seeing your wonderful creations! You all rock!

Then the very sweet Diane from over at My Little Stampin' Spot tagged me with this...

How sweet is she! She is such a great gal! In all honesty....this blog might not even exist were it not for her! She was so patient and answered all of my silly questions that helped to get it going. She just rocks! Such a sweetie and soooo very creative!

This one goes out to all of know I hate doing that...if I do that nobody puts it up on their blogs! ...drives me nuts! I mean it! You are all so awesome! I just adore you!

Thanks so much you guys! I really appreciate this! I am really enjoying getting to know all of your through your emails and creations! This is truly a privilege!

I hope you are all having a great day! I am off to clean just a bit and then I am going to get started with some creating. I have picked out my ribbon for Sharon's challenge...I love glitter! This is going to be really fun! I also love Beate's new sketch and am looking forward to it! Tomorrow is going to be Stampin' Up Sunday for me. It seems like I am neglecting my SU stamps. They told me so! ;) What a fun stamping weekend!

Take care and I will post you soon!

Friday, April 11, 2008

A Very Late Sketch

I should be posting some of the new sketches...but I am just starting last weeks! It is my goal to finish last weeks and this weeks by the end of the weekend. ...that should make things interesting! ;)

Anyway, here is my card for Beate's WSC #42. This is a really great sketch. I am keeping it for sure. My card is pretty simple...but I love simple...isn't there a saying about simple minds?...wait...that's probably not a compliment is it?

I used my Papertrey paper and stamps and ribbon for this one. I also used some pearls for the cupcake. I so love pearls!

Well...that's it for tonight! It's been a crazy day and I haven't had a chance to see what you guys have been up to all day! I am going to go through the blogs and then go to bed! I'm not sure if I am suffering from allergies or if it's a cold but my head is completely stuffed!

If it is allergies...there worth it! I've caught up on all of my pruning today. There is so much new green popping out! Tons of things are getting ready to bloom! vinca is already blooming! It's so pretty! My azaleas are getting ready...I will take some pictures once things start to wake up. I so love working in the yard! It's the whole getting your hands dirty thing. Guess that's part of what I love about hands are always covered with ink!

I'm off...I hope you all have a wonderful night! I look forward to posting you tomorrow! :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Card Swap Reject

k...just mean that it didn't quite work out... ;)

By reject, I mean that I realized that I didn't have enough paper to go with this one. Well, and after I was finished I wasn't quite sure that I loved it. Anyway, here you go....

I sent my cards out to meet the deadline! ;) I can't wait to share them with you! For one I altered one of the altoid tins that I got from GinaK's store. Fun! Lovin' it!

I hope you are all having a great day! It's a rainy one here which goes quite nicely with the colds that we all have. I am off to try and clean my desk up a bit. It is completey ransacked after last night.

I will post you all soon!

Monday, April 7, 2008

WooHooo...Finally Something New! ;)

Wow! When I noticed that it had been a week since posting something new I think I put a little pressure on myself! I really have a goal to post something every day. That hasn't happened over the last week. I am working on being a bit more organized so that I don't wind up going this long again! here's a little something. I made the box last week and have been waiting on the card. My problem is that I keep looking towards the What's In My Tin set. Once I do that I worry that the card/project will end up being my swap project. Well I can't share that yet! So, here's one that didn't make the cut.

...Oh! No pressure now! If someone feels ripped off for not getting this little simple something I will feel terrible! Maybe it's a good thing it's a long distance swap! ;)

...I really am kidding...sort of! :)

Oh you go!

This is pretty simple. But I must confess, I really love simple! ...and this stamp set! Wow! Bam! Love it! ;)

...and the Bachelor! Ohmygoodness! It's back on...if you aren't watching tonight you are missing quite the fireworks! I've never seen it quite like this before! you soon! Have a wonderful night!

How sweet!

So how sweet is Beate! I really just adore her! Today she nominated me for this rockin' girl blogger award! ...She rocks!... She's just awesome! Super creative and just about one of the sweetest people I know! Yes...I love her...ok...not in the crazy stalker kind of way but in the friendly stamper kind of way! ;) ...although I do stalk her blog! Hey, who doesn't! The girl rocks!

So now I get the pleasure of nominating five of you! :) You know how I love that! I've posted this once before...but I really think that each of you deserve this! You are all so awesome! I just love this online community! It's filled with the sweetest, most supportive group of people! You all rock! I'm still smiling about the posts I've been reading from the blog candy post! Wow! You all have made my day! ...and let me tell you, I needed that today! ;)

Here's who I am tagging...
1.) Andrea from over at Andrea's World
2.) Cammie King
3.) Lori Craig
4.) Lisa Murphy
5.) Sharon Johnson

You guys all rock!!

I am hoping to be able to post a little something else this evening...and by that I mean a card or something! I just realized that it's been since last Monday that I posted anything new! Wow! That is definitely a drought for me! It's not because I haven't been stamping...I've been a stamping fool! I've just been working on the Gina K swap so I haven't had a chance to really finish much else. Three....that's the number of other items sitting on my desk just waiting to be finished! I am hoping to complete at least one of them tonight in between my little tins.

I was lucky enough to get the What's In Your Tin 2 set to work with for this swap. I so love this set! It's such an awesome set! Of course I had to ask if it would be ok to use the actual tins! I had such a great idea! Then I signed up for the second swap but I wanted to do a card for that one. This set is just awesome!

...ooookkkk...I'm starting to sound like an ad! ...and I don't work for anyone! I just get really excited when I love something! I can't wait to share it with you! I think you will love it! Hopefully sometime next week as we have to wait for everyone to receive their cards first. I love mine! I'm hoping everyone else will as well.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Beate! You really are such an awesome friend! I really just can't say enough about you!

Thanks so much to each of you! You are all so very awesome and I really can't tell you how much you have made my day! I'm still smiling! Such sweet words!

Have a wonderful...Bachelor filled...oh no I didn't!...yup, I's Monday! :)... and I can't wait! And for all of the inquiring minds out there...I have no idea who I want him to's easier to say who I don't want him to pick! **cough, Robin, cough**...Sorry if you love her...she's just really bugging me. ;)

Take care and I will post you soon! ;)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Blog Candy!

Oh my goodness! I know I've been busy lately but I didn't realize I had been quite this busy! I had intended on giving out a little somthing once my counter hit 20,000 hits. Who knew it had gone over! Wowza! I am so glad that you guys come by and take the time to share a little encouragement with me! You are all so very awesome! I can't thank you enough for all you do!

So....I wanted to share a little something with you! How's a little blog candy sound? Ok...I will run this for one week. Next Sunday at 12AM eastern standard time is the deadline to post a comment to this link for a chance to be the lucky winner! I will use my Dad's little randomizer for the drawing. This is the program I use for my 50 for 50 drawing. I so love that he wrote this little program for me. He rocks!

I promise to post a picture a bit later today. I am cleaning my desk at the moment and finding all sorts of goodies that I am going to include!

Good luck to each of you and thank you so very much for your support! You guys are awesome blogging friends!

Take care and have a wonderful day! ;)

****Update...just a quick update...sorry it took so long to get the picture uploaded...but here it is. I tried to include a little bit of everything. There's ribbon, a creative memories punch, lots of brads and buttons, flowers, some small pre-scored cards and the Oh So Sweet SU stamp set. At first it started out all sort of coordinating and then I started throwing in a few other things and the next thing you've got this....

Hope you are all having a wonderful day! It's beautiful here and I think I am finally getting most of the pruning done outside. It's so much harder this year with a little one running around! I had forgotten just how much of a challenge things like that were!

Good luck to each of you and thank you again for all of your kind words and encouragement! You are all so very sweet!

Have a great one and I will post you soon!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Carol's Card

Happy Birthday to you! It's round three of birthdays in the Buck household. What a crazy day! It's not as if I don't know the day is coming! I've been all around this town twice today it seems!

1.) Take the kids to school
2.) Grocery for cupcakes and juicebox for Evan's class
3.) Target for a last minute gift
4.) Home to regroup
5.) Back to the school to pickup Carter
6.) Off to the bakery to pickup the birthday cake
7.) Lunch
8.) Regroup...and by regroup I mean diapers, milk that sort of thing...there's no mommy regrouping at all!
9.) Off to the school to bring the cupcakes for Evan's class...let me tell you, I have a whole new appreciation for teachers! Wow! All the questions!
10.) Home for about 5 seconds before heading back to school to pick up Evan
11.) Unclog yet another toilet...this is a work in progress at our house! Trust me, I would rather they use too much toilet paper than not enough! ;) gross!
12.) Dinner...hard to get much of an appetite after the toilet but the margarita was great!
13.) Home for cake and presents
14.) Time for Hayden's bath and bed
15.) Breathe!

I can't even believe that was my day! Not much stamping going on here today! Which puts me behind on ever challenge! You know tomorrow is Friday and I still have last weeks challenges that I haven't completed! I am working on my card swap cards...they are moving along just fine! One is completely finished and I am tweeking the other. Fun, fun!f

Well, speaking of card's a perfect time to share one of our swap cards with you. This one is from Carol. She really makes some great cards! This is one of my favorites!

I just love this! Love the red with the black it! Card swaps are awesome! We used one of my sketches this time and it was so much fun to see what everyone came up with.

So now it's off to bed! I am so tired now! What a long day! I can't wait to hit the pillow! I hope that you have all had a wonderful day! I look forward to sharing more with you tomorrow and checking out what you've been up to. I haven't had much time for the computer today! It feels really strange! Withdrawals!

Take care and have a wonderful night! :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How Sweet!

How sweet is Julie! She's nominated me for the Arte Y Pico award. Inquiring minds...I had to go and google this thing. I think these awards are so super sweet....but I'm a bit rusty on my Spanish...and by that I mean that I don't speak Spanish. ...sort of wishing I had taken it in school instead of French...not that I really remember any French. All I could really say in that language is that 'you are dead meat'....I only know this because I was a bit of a pain in class and my teacher said this to me on a daily basis...multiple times during any given day! I know that Julie said that it is for people who share their creativity through blogging but what exactly does Arte Y Pico mean.

So...having googled I am no closer to really knowing what 'Arte Y Pico' means. But whatever, I think that it's such a sweet thing! I just love her! She is such a nice person...and she's creative! ...and I do love that she puts up with my silly questions! ;) ...(thanks for rock, Julie!)
So I think I am supposed to pass this on to a few more people. Last time I tagged you all...ok...well that didn't work very well...nobody played along! I want to see this on your blogs! Nobody did this! So this time I am going to name names! ...and I want you to put this on your blogs and then pick five more people who can then put it on their blogs and so on, and so on, and so's the breck commercial again! Not sure why that always pops into my head.

lol...I do crack myself up...I least I crack someone up! you go...

1.) Terrie Bailey

2.) Jackie Western

3.) Lesa over at Punkydoodle Papers

4.) Diane Gilbert

5.) Beate Johns

I am forcing myself to only list five of you. Do you know how hard this is for me. Seriously, I can't handle this! know that I think you all rock! Ahgh! Pressure...feeling, pressure...

ok...deep breaths...... ..... .....
I'm going to try and walk away from this. I'm going to try and not come back and 'pretend' that I was nominated again and nominate more of you....
....this is going to be really hard for me.....

...yes, I know, I am quite the dork! Off to do a little stuff and hopefully get lots of stamping done! I will post you all later!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bumpin' It Back Up

Can you believe what happened last night on the Bachelor? ....oh, wait...that's not why you're here! ;)

...just kidding...I told you, I would not put you through another rant on that show again...'I said what I said and I meant what I meant...'

I was working on stuff last night after my card swap card. I have this idea...I found something at the dollar section in that section...
...ok...can't share it yet because it led to what I think will end up being my card swap for the Gina K swap from over at SCS. I am not supposed to share that until everyone has received their cards.'ve got nothing new! ;(

Bummer! So I was thinking of bumping up an oldie and here it is....

I did this little number for Beate's inspiration challenge. What a surprise to me when I got an email saying that it had gotten an honerable mention over at Papertrey! That was really exciting!

I really love this technique. I'm so glad that Beate gave a tutorial for it at SCS because I will confess that I wasn't a fan of chalk until now. I think this is such a fun way to use it. I don't think I had even used my chalks since I first signed up as a demo about three years ago. I ordered the new colors when SU changed them way back when... that...'way back when'! I've been a demo all of three years! ;) Yeah, right, whatever! Anyway, I am happy to now use them for something.

So that's it for now. I am so excited that I think I might have something really fun to swap. Can't wait to get that finished up and send it off. I just hate that I won't be there when everyone gets theirs in the mail! I so love seeing everyone's expressions when we swap cards here. It's like Christmas!

Yes...I have it really, REALLY bad!

Hope you are all having a great day! I am off to start dinner and do the mom thing. Solo thankful that my hubby will be back home tomorrow...Everything takes longer when he's out of town....and there never seems to be as much time for stamping!

Whaaaawhaaawhaaa...cry me a river! Allright...sucking it up and moving on!

Post you soon! Have a fab afternoon! :)