Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's Time For Beate's Inspiration Challenge!

It's Tuesday and that means .... Beate's inspiration challenge!...BIC11 ....Woohoo! I so love Beate's challenges! Her inspiration challenges are a huge favorite of mine. Let's face it...it's inspiration! ...you can go in so many different directions with each piece...there is no wrong way! LOVE that!

...ok...it's a good thing...because for today's challenge I have the cute and the 'what the heck was she smoking last night' to share with you.

Yup...you heard it right! Sometimes I amaze even myself at what I will share with you guys!

Ok...I will start with sharing the inspiration piece....

How cute is this! LOVE it! You know...Beate really has a knack for choosing some really fun pieces! She really helps to get me thinking!

Here is my first card which is pretty basic and yes...EPLS...(easy peasy lemon squeezy)...

My first thought was engagement and that led to one of my favorite Pink Petticoat images which led to this card. I love the yellow and I added the pink and green to pick up some of the other colors from the card. I also used my Papertrey paper and ribbon because the yellow was sitting on my desk and quite frankly it was screaming at me!

ok...that statement and the next card will confirm that I am ready for the rubber room! ;)
The other thing that screamed at me from this card was just gala...dancing....party....all of this led to disco ball...YES...I felt the need to try and create a disco ball! Ahhh!

Ok...either pull out your sunglasses or avert your eyes now!

...you've been warned....;) Here's my second card....

I'm so very sorry! I hope that I haven't burned your corneas. What can I say...if you are a regular here you know that sometimes I get a wild hair and there just is no stopping myself! ...for better or worse! My boys loved it! "It's sooo shiny"...that's what they keep saying and they are literally fighting over who gets to hold it! How stinking funny is that! ...guess I should have made two!

Whew...moving on! I can't wait to see what you all come up with! Be sure and check out the rest of Beate's BIC team. You know these gals rock! They are wildly talented!

Charmaine Ikach

Danielle Lounds

Dawn McVey

Silke Ledlow

Susan Roberts

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to posting you all real soon!


Janine said...

Fabulous card!! Love that yellow! So beautiful!

beate said...

Girl, I think both cards look awesome. Love your soft colors, but boy...that disco ball card sure demands attention! You rock! Hugs and smiles

Silke said...

Jennifer - I can feel the groovy vibe all the way to my house - LOL!!!

Your cards are both awesome!!!

Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

Jennifer, both card are WONDERFUL! I LOVE what you did with the inspiration!

Danielle Lounds said...

Wow! That disco ball is riveting! Love it! And the yellow card is so soft and beautiful. Beautiful inspiration cards!

Carolyn King said...

awesome cards--you did a great job on both....corneas are fine---LOVE the look of it actually!!
Great job!

MamaDuck said...

Love them both! That disco ball is just great--can't wait to see it at card swap sometime. How fun would that be on a Christmas tree with the little lights reflecting off it?!! Thanks for sharing! You are amazing!