Monday, April 7, 2008

How sweet!

So how sweet is Beate! I really just adore her! Today she nominated me for this rockin' girl blogger award! ...She rocks!... She's just awesome! Super creative and just about one of the sweetest people I know! Yes...I love her...ok...not in the crazy stalker kind of way but in the friendly stamper kind of way! ;) ...although I do stalk her blog! Hey, who doesn't! The girl rocks!

So now I get the pleasure of nominating five of you! :) You know how I love that! I've posted this once before...but I really think that each of you deserve this! You are all so awesome! I just love this online community! It's filled with the sweetest, most supportive group of people! You all rock! I'm still smiling about the posts I've been reading from the blog candy post! Wow! You all have made my day! ...and let me tell you, I needed that today! ;)

Here's who I am tagging...
1.) Andrea from over at Andrea's World
2.) Cammie King
3.) Lori Craig
4.) Lisa Murphy
5.) Sharon Johnson

You guys all rock!!

I am hoping to be able to post a little something else this evening...and by that I mean a card or something! I just realized that it's been since last Monday that I posted anything new! Wow! That is definitely a drought for me! It's not because I haven't been stamping...I've been a stamping fool! I've just been working on the Gina K swap so I haven't had a chance to really finish much else. Three....that's the number of other items sitting on my desk just waiting to be finished! I am hoping to complete at least one of them tonight in between my little tins.

I was lucky enough to get the What's In Your Tin 2 set to work with for this swap. I so love this set! It's such an awesome set! Of course I had to ask if it would be ok to use the actual tins! I had such a great idea! Then I signed up for the second swap but I wanted to do a card for that one. This set is just awesome!

...ooookkkk...I'm starting to sound like an ad! ...and I don't work for anyone! I just get really excited when I love something! I can't wait to share it with you! I think you will love it! Hopefully sometime next week as we have to wait for everyone to receive their cards first. I love mine! I'm hoping everyone else will as well.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Beate! You really are such an awesome friend! I really just can't say enough about you!

Thanks so much to each of you! You are all so very awesome and I really can't tell you how much you have made my day! I'm still smiling! Such sweet words!

Have a wonderful...Bachelor filled...oh no I didn't!...yup, I's Monday! :)... and I can't wait! And for all of the inquiring minds out there...I have no idea who I want him to's easier to say who I don't want him to pick! **cough, Robin, cough**...Sorry if you love her...she's just really bugging me. ;)

Take care and I will post you soon! ;)


Terrie B x said...

Soooo well deserved def Rock Girlie:)x

Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

Thank you so much for the tag!!! I am TOTALLY HONORED!!! And YOU are so deserving of the award -- that Beate is one smart woman!!! CONGRATS to you, and THANKS from me!!! Hope you have a great day!!!

Carolyn King said...

Akkkk...thanks girlfriend....YOU ROCK!!!!

lmm said...

Aren't you sweet. But I'm not deserving. There are so many awesome blogs out there! Gosh you're going to make me feel guilty enough to start using my blog more for card ideas etc. EEEEK! Guess I can't nominate you back, can I?!?