Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sweet Santa!

OMHeck!  How easy are card toppers!  I know, I know....what the heck is a card topper!? some of you are familiar.  I get it....but I know that for many of you it's a first....think pre-stamped...COLORED...images just WAITING for you to 'decorate' them!  Seriously!  How FAB is that!

This week the Flower Soft DT is playing with the NEW Santa Card Toppers.  There are three different packages...each contain 2 designs with 3 sheets of each....just think of how EPLS {easy peesy lemon squeezy} that would be for MASS Christmas card production!

Here's what I created with them.....

How Beautiful is he!  The art work is AMAZING!  I used my Spellbinders dies to cut him out a bit and then add him to my card face.  See!  Totally EASY for mass production!  

Then be sure and head to the Flower Soft Facebook fan page and the Flower Soft blog for all of todays fun prizes!  :)

....There's a big special at the Flower Soft website for the entire Santa topper line.  You can find that here.  :)



Steph Lee (Arty Carty) said...

sweet! I love that you cut the topper out ...more room to decorate! ;)

Cultivate Life in Joy said...

Beautiful card..not your typical Christmas the layout and colors...especially the idea of Card Toppers. Thanks for the inspiration

Gloria Westerman said...

Your right...quick and easy card if you have a lot to mail...tfs